Millennium Point has been awarded £15,000 by Arts Council England to support a programme of innovative arts events this autumn.

The award, from Arts Council England’s Lottery-funded Grants for the arts programme, enables a series of talks, short films and live performances to take place exploring the notion of the cyborg in contemporary culture.

Cyborg Days – curated by Fierce Festival and Virtual Futures – will see many of the UK’s leading cyborg experts come to Birmingham to discuss the cultural and scientific impact of cyborg cultures.

Matt Andrews, Project Manager at Millennium Point said:

A cyborg is a being with bio-mechanic parts. We have a popular cartoonish idea of cyborgs as being like The Terminator but in reality many people live their lives with the aid of technology. Our ambitious programme will excite audiences with the innovative ways in which body-based technology is being used now.

Guest performers will include Neil Harbisson from the Cyborg Foundation, who claims to be the world’s first officially recognised cyborg. He will present an audio-vision performance via the Eyeborg, a mechanical device surgically implanted into his brain that allows him to ‘hear’ colours vibrating in his skull. Harbisson – who suffers from colour-blindness – uses the technology in order to have some kind of colour-based experience in his daily life. There will also be a programme of cyborg-themed films, curated by Kino 10.

The programme of events will take place as part of Fierce, Birmingham’s festival of boundary-pushing live art, this October. It builds upon Millennium Point’s Arts strategy, which aims to place the organisation as one of the city’s major centres for the arts, science, technology and digital culture.

Laura McDermott, Artistic Director, Fierce Festival, commented:

We are delighted to be working with Millennium Point on this project – it will be a major collaboration for us. Fierce is here to challenge the public perception of what art can be and by working with Millennium Point we will do just that, introducing science and technology into our arts programming.

Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council Englandsaid:

I’m really pleased that through our Lottery-funded Grants for the arts programme the Arts Council is able to support Millennium Point’s ambition to introduce the arts into its programming. The Arts Council’s aim is to invest in artistic activities that engage and inspire people, and I think the line-up of live performances, films and talks at Cyborg Days will be a great way for audiences at Millennium Point and Fierce Festival to explore how science and technology is changing the way people experience the world around them.

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Tickets for Cyborg Day at Millennium Point on 12 October 2014