One of the advantages of having an independent cinema is that we can do exciting things.  Alongside the latest Hollywood releases, we get the opportunity to showcase our fantastic cinema in a number of ways – presenting a programme and cinema schedule you won’t see in any cinema in Birmingham.

To celebrate the launch of Godzilla and the return of one of cinema’s largest creations in May, we’ve developed Creature Feature Week –  a series of monster classics which will take advantage of the scale, scope and size of our monster screen (still the largest screen in the Midlands!).

Between 9th – 14th May you will get the chance to revisit your favourite creature features and see them as they were always meant to seen…..BIG!

We even asked cartoonist Duncan Scott (whose illustrations have featured in the Beano) to make his own creature feature poster and maker of weird and wonderful creations Tom Ellis will be bringing his ‘Curious Oddities: The Emporium of Mythical Creatures’ exhibition to Millennium Point between 9th – 18th May.

Creature Feature Season kicks off on the evening of the 9th May with Jaws (1975) at 18:30 followed by The Fly (1986) at 21:00.  Ray Harryhausen’s special effects wizardry is brought to life in Jason and the Argonauts (1963) on 10th May with a matinee showing with Jurassic Park (1993) at 18:30 and The Thing (1982) at 18:00.  Dreamworks’ Monsters Vs Aliens (2009) is our matinee screening on 11th May followed by Davie Bowie in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth (1986) at 19:00.  Kevin Bacon stars in Tremors on 12th May at 19:00 with a very special showing of Godzilla / Gojira (1954) on 14th May at 19:00 in anticipation of the beast’s return!  Creature Feature concludes on 14th May at 19:00 with Monsters (2010).

Download details of our Creature Feature Week

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