Career Interactive (CIUK) will be hosting career fairs at Millennium Point in March aimed at finding employment for international students.

The event aims to source greater relevant experience of employment for international students based in the UK and to increase the chances of graduates in finding their dream job. The event also hopes to provide employers with a greater awareness of regulations; overcoming some misconceptions concerning the right to work.

Career Interactive (‘CIUK’ for short) is UK’s No.1 Career Coaching Service Provider for International Students. Over the company’s 5 year history, they have helped hundreds of international students to secure full-time employment (under Tier 2 and formally known as ‘Work Permit’), Work Placements (for sandwich courses), and internships (summer and off-cycle) in the UK’s top tier companies and beyond.

The company’s ethos is, every student, no matter where they come from, deserves at least one work experience opportunity whilst doing their degrees in the UK  is deeply ingrained in the company’s culture.The company has also developed its unique Online Career Interactive Platform, where candidates can manage the entire job hunting stuff and coaching at one central place. The Platform has also enabled more candidates to enjoy the services, regardless where they are.