Neil heads up our Marketing and Events team here at Millennium Point, and we thought we'd introduce him and tell you a little more about what makes him tick...

Tell me what you do on a day-to-day basis?

I lead the team and strategy responsible for audience development and engagement initiatives within Millennium Point – across events, communications and marketing activities.

Tell me about an event that has been a key highlight for Millennium Point this year.

We welcomed the Anne Frank + You exhibition. As Millennium Point is an organisation that connects individuals with the future, the exhibition allowed visitors not only to reconnect with the dreams, hopes and aspirations of young people and what they want from the world but also about how we can forge a future free from intolerance. The exhibition allowed Millennium Point to be introduced to a whole new audience, and to hear the testimony of one of the last holocaust survivors at the launch event was both humbling and moving.

Describe Millennium Point in three words.

Host, Partner, Catalyst

Favourite place to eat/drink in Birmingham?

For me, it’s more about being able to catch-up with people and spend time with friends and family in pleasant surroundings with a decent offer. The culinary scene in Birmingham has taken a definite leap forward in the last few years. There are plenty of interesting and delightful places to explore now in the region.

What is your greatest achievement/what are you most proud of?

For three and a half years, I was part of the team who operated and developed The Public arts centre. During that time, we created a welcoming vibrant hub – allowing local people to showcase their work alongside internationally-renowned artists, and created a thriving home for 31 organisations and community groups.

Most inspiring place you’ve ever visited?

I have visited Stonehenge a few times now. Like ruined castles, the sheer human ingenuity to construct without modern tools and driven by a singular vision to create I find both inspiring and amazing.

Who is your role model?

I don’t necessarily have role models as such. I like hearing about people, their lives, the situations they find themselves in or things they have overcome. I guess I ‘collect’ stories and snippets that I can apply or consider in response to situations I might find myself in. As such, I have a read a lot of biographies, listened to a lot of interviews, attended a lot of events and over the last few years watched TED Talks and listened to podcasts.

What’s your favourite book/film and why?

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. Whilst the story of its publication and winning of the Pulitzer is an inspiring one of tenacity and hope; the novel itself is part farce, part essay on a snapshot of foibles and quirks - demonstrating how single-minded determination within the confines of a narrow world view aren’t necessarily a recipe for success.

What are you most looking forward to this year? (In work and in the city)

Grand Central and the completion of the New Street renovation is one of the biggest things to happen to the city centre for a long time. I’m looking forward to seeing how that all comes together. Workwise, we are developing a new website - Millennium Point has changed as an organisation considerably since the last website was created. It will be great to have a new ‘shop window’ to present our work, opportunities and successes.

Name one thing you want to accomplish in 2015.

To continue to reach new audiences and put Millennium Point on the map as a destination to explore, create and innovate.

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