The images you see here in the Wellcome Image Awards represent the best kind of fusion, or possibly collision, of science and art.
Alice Roberts

Wellcome Images is one of the world’s richest and most distinctive image collections, covering themes ranging from medical and social history to contemporary healthcare and biomedical science.

Showcasing the best in science image making, the 20 award-winning images, which make up the Wellcome Image Awards exhibition, bring to life a world of science often hidden to the naked eye. This year’s award-winning images include pathways of nerve fibres in the brain, delicate golden scales on a Madagascan sunset moth, and a digitally reconstructed skeleton showing ‘furry’ patches in a partially blocked blood vessel which can help identify when a patient needs treatment before a stroke occurs.

Get up close and personal with the delicate features of a swallowtail butterfly, or even glimpse inside an isolation unit for infectious diseases like Ebola at this fascinating exhibition, now in its 19th year.

These images are created using a mix of traditional artistic media and cutting-edge scientific imaging techniques. From photography and illustration to super-resolution microscopy and non-invasive medical scans, see how the development of new technologies is being applied in science and medicine today. Come and explore the stories behind these images for yourself and find out more about why they were created.

Images are selected from all new images acquired by Wellcome Images during the preceding year. The judges are experts from medical science and science communication. 

The Wellcome Image Awards are coming to more places than ever before, with exhibitions to be held all across the UK, including the Science Museum in London, as well as in the USA, Russia and South Africa. Thankfully, one of the chosen destinations was right here at Millennium Point!

2016 sees the launch of the Julie Dorrington Award for outstanding photography in a clinical environment. Named after one of the founders of the Wellcome Images clinical collection, this Award honours Julie’s contribution to Wellcome and to the clinical photography profession and the service it provides to medicine and medical education.

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