Daniel Zastawny from TEDxBrum talks to Millennium Point who are sponsor of this year's event on 11th June.


Hi Dan! This year’s TEDxBrum is set to be the biggest one yet. What can visitors expect from the event this year?

Hey Millennium Point! TEDxBrum 2016 is our biggest, boldest and brightest event yet. We’ve got over 800 people attending the Town Hall and visitors can expect a day jam-packed with energy, ideas and possibility. There’s an amazingly talented and diverse line-up this year which consists of 16 talks and seven performances as well as coffee, lunch and even ice cream.

There will also be interesting and interactive displays from some of our sponsors and numerous break-out and chill out spaces for people to soak up the inspiration and reflect.

There’s going to be an incredible buzz in the city on Saturday 11th June and visitors should expect to leave feeling invigorated and ready to change the world.


Can you share some of the key topics up for discussion at this year’s TEDxBrum?

The focus of TEDxBrum 2016 is to shift our city’s narrative from one of ‘them’ and ‘us’ to being about the wider ‘Power Of Us’. All of this year’s talks and performances highlight how collaboration and movements are fundamental to stories of change and positive impact. This provides huge scope for this year’s contributors and the diversity of topics on the day is mind boggling - ranging from the discovery of gravitational waves to dealing with inner city gang violence via a beatbox performance.

Personally, the topics I’m most excited about this year are the citizen’s income and hearing from Jayne Hardy from The Blurt Foundation. I’d recommend checking out our speaker info page for more detail - www.tedxbrum.com/speakers.


Millennium Point is proud to sponsor part of the event this year. Can you tell us how this will support TEDxBrum?

TEDxBrum is a completely volunteer run event, however ticket sales alone do not cover all of the costs involved. We therefore rely on the generous giving from Birmingham and beyond to make the event happen. The support from sponsors such as Millennium Point emphasises that there is an ambition and understanding in Birmingham that the city is deserving and capable of hosting a world class event, establishing itself as a leading figure in global movements of social change and positive impact.

The support from sponsors enables the volunteer team to focus on a variety of tasks, including curating and delivering the event, programming speakers and performers, planning the logistics, designing the flyers, selling tickets, organising a huge production and running the social media – just to name a few things!

Due to such excellent sponsors, TEDxBrum is able to offer 100 scholarship tickets to this year’s event, fully subsidised to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to attend the day. Check out www.tedxbrum.com/scholarship for more about this.

Millennium Point’s sponsorship, in particular, is important to us at TEDxBrum as it gives us the support of an established organisation, located at the centre of a rapidly developing area of Birmingham, and one which fosters an environment where things are possible.

Millennium Point’s support resonates well with the theme ‘Power Of Us’ - it’s symbolic of the fact that every organisation, big or small, and individual can contribute to designing and building a better and fairer Birmingham.

Why are events such as this so important to Birmingham and young people?

TEDxBrum and other events inspire citizens to take action. They are so important to Birmingham as they provide a platform for new connections and ideas to launch from, and supercharge the already amazing movements and ideas beginning to shape the city.

These events also showcase to the world the awesome innovations and movements happening in Brum right now and inspire its citizens to contribute to creating a city they are proud to call home.

How can young people get involved in this year’s TEDxBrum?

The best way for anyone to get involved in TEDxBrum this year is to get a ticket and come along! We’ve still got some tickets left that people can buy.

In terms of getting involved to help shape and deliver the day, the team is already in place this year as there’s just under a month to go.

However for next year, and beyond, you can sign up to the mailing list to keep informed about when the TEDxBrum 2017 build-up begins.

What do you find most inspiring about Birmingham?

Great question Millennium Point! There are a range of things that I find inspiring about Brum, and some of the most inspiring of these begin with the deeply entrenched challenges and opportunities the city currently has.

Right now the most inspiring thing is the emerging movement of positivity, and mission-focused people in the city. There’s an infectious optimism allied to a focused realism which is physically, culturally and socially begging to establish a new narrative around what Birmingham stands for.

TEDxBrum is now in its fifth year. Can you share a personal highlight since it began?

TEDxBrum has been an excellent community to be part of and I’d seriously encourage anyone considering getting involved to do so. I’ve personally been involved for around three years and it has certainly grown in ambition and impact.

My personal highlight is probably seeing the amount of effort and time the volunteer team put in every year to bring the event to life. It’s been a privilege to be part of and it truly makes me happy when attendees leave the day smiling and ready to make a difference in the world.

Thanks very much, look forward to seeing you on 11th June!