To celebrate National Book Lovers Day, we've spoken to some of the team here at the Millennium Point offices who can't get enough of The Big Read BookBenches! We wanted to know what their favourite books were from their childhood and why! Find out more below:

My favourite books as a child were, and still are, those that make up the Harry Potter series. My mum worked at a library and used to bring back two copies so we each read one at the same time and raced to see who could finish the book first, which usually only took a few days. They were magical and had really nice messages about love and friendship, and I still take them on holiday with me to read on the plane today!

Alexandra Bamford, Events Operations Assistant

I couldn’t face choosing just one favourite, so here are my top two!

'The Naughtiest Girl' series by Enid Blyton is my first choice. I am an only child and was never very mischievous. Elizabeth Allen, the naughty girl herself, captivated the younger me with how she would get into trouble all the time with her teachers.

'The Childcraft - The How and Why Library' is my second. This was a 15 volume Encyclopaedia-type set of books which had subjects such as ‘Poems and Rhymes’, ‘Life Around Us’, ‘Scientists and Inventors’ and many more. My personal favourite was ‘Make and Do’ and I could spend hours entertaining myself with the exciting things to be made!

Nasreen Ramji, Facilities Coordinator

I had and still have lots of favourite books so it is hard to pinpoint one significant winner. However, one of my favourite authors growing up had to be Jacqueline Wilson. Some of my favourites include ‘The Cat Mummy’, ‘Girls Out Late’ and ‘Girls in Tears’. Her stories were easily relatable as they revolved around childhood worries, friendship and family – they definitely made playground politics a little less daunting! Being able to meet Jacqueline at a Book Festival aged 10 certainly made one little girl very happy! 

Lily Downing, People, Learning & Development Assistant

'There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake' by Hazel Edwards has to be one my favourites as a child that definitely stuck in my head. It’s an imaginative and playful book that plays on the impossible, yet seems so normal. I remember going into my loft to get it out after I hadn’t read it for a while and contemplating what I would actually do if I found a giant friendly animal living on my roof – wondering if he’d share the cake!

Garry Steel, Digital Communications & Marketing Assistant

For me, the Noddy series by Enid Blyton comes to mind instantly! Not only did I love the books, but I also had the entire toy collection to go with it which I played with all the time!

Lynn Jones, PA to CEO

I had a few favourites series of books which I enjoyed reading from 'Horrible Histories' to 'The Secret Seven', but I think my favourite book had to have been Goosebumps Welcome to Dead House by R. L. Stine. I think this because it not only introduced me to the Goosebumps series but I found the books really hard to put down and I especially remember reading a few books from cover to cover, I think this might be why I love to read anything from Stephen King.

Aidan McDonnell, Assistant Accountant

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