With university just around the corner, we caught up with our Young Innovator Prize winner Malik, to find out how he’s feeling, how he’s been preparing and what he’s most looking forward to when he starts at Birmingham City University this term!


Hi Malik! How are you feeling? Has it actually sunk in that you start university in a matter of days?

I have a mixture of feelings at the moment. Although it’s nerve-racking, I’m excited to meet new people, make new friends and study towards my degree! I won the prize back in March so I can’t wait to actually get started!


How have you been preparing?

I’ve been doing some research and looking into the subjects I’ll be studying on my course. I’ve also started watching and reading the news more, especially engineering related news, as I know it’s important to read up on your subject area at university.


You’re going to be studying mechanical engineering at university; is there a particular area of the course that you’re most excited about?

There isn’t one particular area that I’m excited about but if I had to choose one it would have to be the Formula Student event which looks like a lot of fun!


Are you looking forward to your summer placement at Millennium Point? What do you hope to accomplish through your placement?

Going to university is great but I hope through my placement I’ll gain skills which will then help me in the future when looking for a job. Things like communicating with other people, working as part of a team and public speaking are very important – although I like to think I have public speaking part handled after presenting in front of a live audience for the Young Innovator Prize Final.


Last time we spoke to you, you mentioned you’ve always had an interest in cars. If you could work at any car corporation, which would it be?

It’s quite hard to pick one as there are so many big car corporations out there such as JLR, BMW and Mercedes. I would be glad to get a placement year at any of these companies after my degree!


What are your top tips for students at college who are considering studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects at university?

My first tip would be to remember that STEM subjects have transferable skills so if you study Maths for example, you don’t necessarily have to follow the traditional route of banking. You could look at teaching or the car industry – there are loads of options available.

I’d also say to make sure you pick a subject that you really love because it’s much easier to write 1,000 word essays on something you’re passionate about!


The Young Innovator Prize is a great opportunity for young people to consider STEM subjects and for Millennium Point to support and sponsor an individual through university, what advice would you give to pupils applying for the next Young Innovator Prize?

I would say don't hesitate to put your name forward! Even if you don't come out a winner at the end, the Young Innovator Prize is a great opportunity which will look impressive on your CV when you come to look for a job. I’ve always heard that employees are looking for someone who can offer something different and the Young Innovator Prize will make you stand out from the rest.


It’s great to hear you’re so excited for university Malik. Best of luck with it and we look forward to catching up with you again soon!