There always has to be a first and, in 2001, Millennium Point was the major catalyst for an expansion plan in the Eastside district within Birmingham’s City Centre.

Over the years, this district has gradually welcomed more learning institutions, tech and digital start-up and science organisations.  By virtue of all the learning and innovation happening within its boundaries, Eastside has gradually transformed into the city’s Knowledge Quarter.

Knowledge generates ideas and ideas can be the catalyst for further change.  An area rich in so many prestigious and thought-leading organisations naturally means that it has become a focal point for people who want to gather, discuss, explore and meet.

To accommodate this urge to congregate at the centre of where ideas are developed, the Quarter has responded and, over time has created a number of different ways for that to happen.

For instance, both Birmingham City University and Conference Aston have modern facilities geared towards welcoming activity where academia and intellectual rigour is a primary focus, Thinktank (the city’s science museum based in Millennium Point) has a suite of flexible meeting rooms and spaces for conferences and learning; and Innovation Birmingham is ideally suited for the technical and digital community to share the latest developments.

Millennium Point itself has an array of public spaces adjacent to an outdoor park (the first created in the city centre for over 130 years) that have proved a popular and successful host to exhibitions, performances, fairs, festivals – ideal for allowing ideas to collide with the people they’re designed to impact upon and resonate with.  Indeed, with this richness in facilities ranging in capacity, scale and affordability, alongside accommodation and additional meeting facilities available at Hotel La Tour; the Knowledge Quarter is positioning itself as the alternative destination to more traditional events locations in and around the city centre – with venues working together and complementing each other.

With the recently announced Unite Conference Centre and the construction of a new world-class Birmingham City University Conservatoire over the next two years joining the Knowledge Quarter’s expanding network of places to gather and come together; it is little wonder that the Birmingham Hub for HS2 has chosen Curzon Street on Millennium Point’s doorstep as the new gateway for the region – further complementing and positioning this vibrant area and its ability to attract and welcome large and small-scale activity.

AUTHOR: Neil Anderson, Director of Marketing, Communications and Events - Millennium Point
Follow Neil on Twitter: @neilpanderson