Celebrities including Stephen Fry and Carol Vorderman have joined up with The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair in a weird and wonderful scientific experiment coming to Millennium Point this week.

Celebrities were invited to ‘grow’ portraits which will be shown exclusively at Millennium Point between 15 – 24 February before moving onto the NEC for the Big Bang Fair itself in March.

The “bacteriographs” are made from a sample of the subjects’ own bacteria and have been grown by Zachary Copfer, an American microbiologist-come-photographer. It is the first time that Zachary’s work has been bought to the UK and Birmingham will be the only city to host an exhibition of the portraits. To make the Pop Art style images, Zachary cleverly exposes areas of a petri dish to radiation in order to stimulate the bacteria’s growth. This creates a photograph grown entirely from the bacteria itself. Zachary is the only person in the world practicing this art, which he terms “Bacteriography”.

Booking for this event has now closed.