Millennium Point’s regular programme of shorts using animation and digital technology to explore the world around us.

L3.0 (4 mins)
Directed by Alexis Decelle, Cyril Declercq, Vincent
Defour & Pierre Jury, 2014

In this animation comprised of live-action shots overlaid with digital special effects, Leo the “pet” robot wanders alone in Paris after the mysterious disappearance of all living species.

Created by Jonathan Lyons, 2012

Floyd is a robot with a job to do, but it’s never that straightforward - he usually gets into trouble… but always gets the job done! A digital animation with slapstick humour at its heart, inspired by the great silent comedians.

(5 mins)
Directed by Kimberly Knoll & Yunghan Chang, 2010

In this story examining the human relationship with machines, robots have been outlawed. One little robot causes trouble for a shop keeper by repeatedly stealing milk from his shop …but what would a robot want with milk? Find out in this endearing 2D digital animation.

(3 mins)
Directed by James Solomon, 2013

Follow this tale of romantic heartbreak for a lonely robot. A charming stop frame animation, with Robotics built by Martin Horspool and music by provided by Jukes.

(1 min)
Created by Jason Giles, 2012

Join a vocal crew of droids settling their differences in the only way they know how, in this energetic and colourful digital animation by Jason Giles.

Titles will be screened throughout the day.

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