Millennium Point’s regular programme of shorts using animation and digital technology to explore the world around us.

Throughout November, we will be screening titles in conjunction with
SHOUT Festival of Queer Arts.

, Sergio Di Bitetto, 2014

The story of a mechanical city in which every citizen is part of the city itself, with the duty of generating lights trough the connections between the male and female parts of the mechanism. Everyone seems to fit this perfect puzzle except to the main character G-O, a guy that feels not to match with the rest of his world. When he'll finally find his perfect match with another guy, the city authorities will try to stop this uncommon union, until they will show them how every connection is after all part of the same energy, love.

Auroras, Niles Heckman, 2014

Constantly orbiting at 400 km (250 mi) above the earth, the ISS is perfectly situated to witness the beautiful streamers of green and red light emanating from the collision of highly charged solar wind particles with oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the earth's atmosphere. Centered about the northern (Aurora Borealis) and southern (Aurora Australis) poles the Auroras move in an almost hypnotic dance below the space station. 

Yulia, Antoine Arditti, 2010

Yulia suddenly vanishes out of her kitchen. She finds herself in a closed room with five levers fixed to the wall. By setting them in motion, she starts off a series of absurd events that will lead her to find a soul mate. 

Medieval, Sylviepouetpouet, 2014

A tale of castles, heroes, heroines, rescue and love.

Hand in Hand, Swedish Ecstasy Films, 1996

Performances can always be a struggle - all it takes it a bit of teamwork and acceptance.

It Gets Better, Eli Guerron, 2011

A visual poem focusing on the hard times every single one of us has gone through in the process of discovering who we want to be, dry patches in the journey of finding out who it is we really are.  Isolation. Desolation. Courage. Endurance. And in the final moment, grasp of self-realization, represented in simple elements of visual design.

Titles will be screened throughout the day.

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