Birmingham’s annual Flatpack Film Festival returns to Eastside’s Millennium Point this month, showcasing a variety of exhibitions and live cinema performances.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Flatpack Film Festival stirs together the past, present and the future and includes popular themes such as animation, music and archive discoveries.

This exhibition, Sound + Vision, will be taking place on Wednesday 20th April from 7.30pm to 11.30pm in Millennium Point’s Mezzanine, located on level one.

Occasionally the term ‘live AV’ can conjure images of someone dancing slightly too aggressively behind a laptop while underwhelming screensaver-esque visuals project behind them (and half the audience wonders if they’re sending emails). Fortunately, this evening’s triple-bill of AV performances will be far removed from that, as each of the acts take a more analogue approach to their craft.

First up are Amsterdam-based duo Optical Machines (Rikkert Brok andMaarten Halmans) performing in the UK for the first time. Their experiments with lamps, lenses, modified record players, and analogue synthesisers form the basis for their mesmerising light show with interfering patterns and abstract animation.

Sound artist Graham Dunning will use his mindblowing mechanical techno method for a one-of-a-kind half-hour performance, in which he sets off a number of looping records spinning on just one axle and does his darnedest to make sure they stay in time with one another.

Each record has a trigger to analogue synths, cowbells, cymbals, and drum machines. The end product is a live dub that’ll have you nodding your head like nobody’s business. Seeing (and hearing) is believing.

Berlin-based artist collective Transforma (Luke Bennett, Baris Hasselbach and Simon Krahl) and musician/composer PC NACKT (Warren Suicide) bring proceedings to a close with their GRAETE show. Using a special AV apparatus, Transforma explores prototypes of simple human tools and their application. The visual instrument magnifies and recalibrates found objects so that a stick or stone becomes recognisable as a tool, as does a camera or a spotlight. A dazzling combination of electronic sounds and unusual sights, this is exhilarating live cinema at its best.

7.30: Doors open
8.30: Optical machines
9.00: Graham Dunning
9.45: Transforma + PC NACKT
10.30: DJ

*Please note: performance times are approximate.

**Please note that there are flashing images in some of these performances.

This is only one of the events that will be taking place at Millennium Point during Flatpack Film Festival. To learn more or check out the full line-up, visit the official What's On page here.

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