March is Climate Change week at Millennium Point with a range of different activity and events.

In addition to two international conferences bringing together academics, technologists, policy-makers and business we wanted to ensure that the general public had the opportunity to explore themes and debates.  Alongside exhibition content in the atrium (brought to us by the conference organisers and their partners), we have teamed up with Flat Pack who are curating a series of short films playing on screens around the building.

Extreme weather and climate change are very much central to these films and include archive classics such as Academy Award nominee Snow (1963) and Joris Iven’s Rain (1929) through to contemporary films from Germany, USA and Canada.

Screening from 10th March, the full list is below:

WIND (dir. Robert Löbel) Germany, 2012 – 4min A charming tale of the daily routines of the settlers in an exceptionally windswept world.

A STORM AND SOME SNOW (dir. Simon Ellis) UK, 2006 – 2min A two-hour electrical storm, in just two minutes.

SNOW (dir. Geoffrey Jones) UK, 1963 – 8min Geoffrey Jones’ Oscar-nominated film shows the efforts of British Railways staff in coping with the 1963 United Kingdom cold wave. 

REGEN (RAIN) (dir. Joris Ivens) Netherlands, 1929 – 15min Short documentary film by legendary Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens. A poetic meditation on the transformation of a city by rain.

BOTTLE (dir. Kirsten Lepore) USA, 2010 – 5min Animated on location at a beach, in snow, and underwater, this stop-motion short details a transoceanic conversation between two characters via objects in a bottle.

THE TOURISTS (dir. Malcolm Sutherland) Canada, 2007 – 4min Malcolm Sutherland lovingly pokes fun at the transient yet timeless life of the beach tourist. 

This selection has been curated by Flatpack.

Booking for this event has now closed.