Discover the power of technology in this interactive session held by the Future Face of Greater Birmingham 2017/18, Tom Charman. 

About Tom

Tom has represented the UK at 4 startup world finals, and gave a TEDx talk on the 'Future of Technology', covering AI, Quantum Computing, and Biohacking. As a result, he's a regularly hosted speaker by blue-chip companies to talk about the impact of technology on corporate companies. After being featured in international publications such as the TATA Consultancy Report of 2016, and Success Magazine, he's focused on creating a product aiming to disrupt the travel space, and create a seamless travel experience. Working in the world of Travel-Tech and FinTech has led him to advise the UK Government, European Parliament and UN on the implications of regulation within cutting-edge technology. He's currently looking into understanding the risks associated with AI, and the fears surrounding lethal autonomous weaponry and job displacement as a result of the technology while working on developing out the technology offering of KOMPAS.


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