The completely charming and ingenious exhibition Holorama is filmmaker Jeff Desom's answer to a modern day optical theatre. Using painstakingly, faithfully built dioramas and holographic imaging, Desom recreates well known scenes from Twin Peaks, The Big Lewbowski, E.T., Apocalypse Now, and Jason and the Argonauts in perfect miniature. All five model-come-optical theatres will be in the UK for the first time, and on display here at Millennium Point for the duration of the festival. The work provides a completely new perspective and a tribute to cinema.

Desom’s assistant on the project Olivier Pesch joins us from Luxembourg and will say a few words about the work and the background to it on Wednesday 5 April from 6pm.

Holorama is presented as part of Flatpack Film Festival in partnership with Millennium Point’s Engage programme and Parkside Gallery

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