Ever noticed a suspicious looking robot lurking down a smoggy alley around town?

It’s probably the product of Birmingham-based street artist Liskbot. For nearly a decade, Liskbot and his ensemble of robots have been leaving an unsettling message to remind the human race of its impending doom.

His robots can be found in cities such as London, Berlin and Amsterdam. Applying them in the traditional medium of wheat pastes, spray paints and stickers, Lisk’s robots have also fought to the death in the international secret walls battles.

For his first solo exhibition, Liskbot has drawn on his trademark influences of Birmingham’s dying industries, pop culture and all things science fiction to depict the not too distant future: a robot-dominated world.

The work is also available to purchase from the artist by contacting Liskbot at [email protected]

More work from the artist can found at:


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