SHOUT Festival of Queer Arts & Culture, Birmingham are bringing you a series of short films, animations and photography celebrating identity, otherness, acceptance and belonging throughout November.

IT GETS BETTER, 2013 by Eli Guerron

A visual poem about discovering who and where we want to be

MEDIEVAL, 2010 by Eli Sylvie

A charming animated short turning a classic fairy tale concept on its head in a world where heroic deeds and declarations save the day

PLUGIN, 2010 by Sergio di Bitetto

The traditions of unity in a mechanical city are challenged in this animated short

WE MAKE, WE LOVE, WE EXIST, 2013 by Marta Kochanek-Gibson

This photography exhibition focuses on LGBT parenting and aims to create a positive image of same-sex parent families raising happy and healthy children

HIGH HEELS AREN’T COMPULSORY, 2015 dir. Annabelle Cooper

It’s the first day of a new term as a University lecturer starts her first day as a trans woman (discretion advised contains instances of moderate language)

GENDER BLENDING, 2013 by Nick Hynan

Examining how recent generations use drag and dressing up to challenge, subvert and entertain


Established by Birmingham LGBT in 2009, SHOUT Festival of Queer Arts & Culture brings the best in queer and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans* (LGBT) artists, work, and culture from across the UK and beyond to Birmingham.

SHOUT is the West Midlands’ only combined festival of queer arts and culture, returning to Birmingham each November delivering a ten-day festival showcasing the best of queer performance, theatre, visual arts, and film from across the UK and beyond. In addition to this, they deliver a year-round cultural programme of events, arts, and performances striving to increase the visibility and presence of queer arts throughout the city.

Find out more about SHOUT Festival on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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