From the app on your smartphone to the camera that records your favourite TV show, to the wind turbines that provide your electricity – these innovations would not have been possible without the vital skills of technicians. Through photography, painting, video and artefacts, we explore the crucial role technicians play across society and the rich, intriguing diversity of the occupations that can rightfully and proudly be defined as ‘technician’.

Technicians Make it Happen is a multi-channel campaign that will raise awareness and perceptions of the role technicians play in driving the UK economy. It will encourage and inspire young people with a talent for STEM subjects, their teachers and parents, to consider the benefits of a career as a technician. The campaign seeks to challenge outdated notions of who our nation’s technicians are and what they do.

Striking portraits of many of the technicians featured in the Technicians Make it Happen campaign are being exhibited here at Millennium Point, Level 2, on 11th January - 12th February 2017. Come and meet the technicians who make so much happen, read their stories, experience their world and be inspired by the work they undertake.

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