This year, Millennium Point and Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum, have been selected to host an exhibition displaying the Wellcome Image Awards winners' work from Wednesday 16 March until Sunday 10th April 2016. Millennium Point and Birmingham Museums Trust are working in collaboration with Wellcome Images to bring this exciting nationwide exhibition to our Level 2 space.

Wellcome Images is one of the Wellcome Library's major visual collections. It provides unlimited access to a vast catalogue of medical images, manuscripts and illustrations exploring the meaning of medicine, its history and current practice.

Showcasing the best in science image making, this year’s award-winning images include pathways of nerve fibres in the brain, delicate golden scales on a Madagascan sunset moth, and a digitally reconstructed skeleton showing atheroma, the ‘furring up’ of arteries that supply blood to the brain, in someone who has had a stroke.

Choroidal space, human eye. Credit:Peter Maloca.

Following the success of previous Wellcome Image Awards exhibitions, held simultaneously at venues in all four countries of the UK and the USA, the 2016 winning images will be brought to even more locations, including Millennium Point, to spark imaginations everywhere.

The overall winner of the Awards is to be announced on Tuesday 15th March, meaning the winning image will be on display in our Level 2 exhibition.

The 2016 Awards will also see the launch of the Julie Dorrington Award for outstanding photography in a clinical environment. Julie Dorrington’s work was instrumental in making Wellcome Images one of the most comprehensive collections of clinical images in the world.  The award honours Julie’s contribution to Wellcome Images and the clinical photography profession.

Cross-section through a cluster of maize leaves. Credit:Fernán Federic

Cross-section through a cluster of maize leaves, LM Credit: Fernán Federic.

About the Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health. We support bright minds in science, the humanities and the social sciences, as well as education, public engagement and the application of research to medicine.

Our investment portfolio gives us the independence to support such transformative work as the sequencing and understanding of the human genome, research that established front-line drugs for malaria, and Wellcome Collection, our free venue for the incurably curious that explores medicine, life and art.