Following the dreadful flooding at the end of last year / the beginning of this year, our month long climate change activity seems particularly relevant.

We’ve been working with Coventry-based Climate Change Solutions (who develop synergies and partnerships to promote and deliver low carbon solutions) to host and plan a Climate Challenge Conference (3rd, 4th  March) and the 10th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference and Partnering: Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Buildings (25th March).  This will be followed by the 10th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell: Technical Conference (26th, 28th March) organised by the University of Birmingham.

The Climate Change Solutions Conferences provide a link to the China-Europe 2020 Smart Low Carbon Cities and Technology outputs and gives delegates the opportunity to discover the latest news on city and business opportunities associated with the development of buildings, energy and transport technologies; whilst the University of Birmingham’s event showcases new technology and research opportunities.

As a venue open to the general public, we are always looking for innovative ways to develop activities within the building and firmly believe that such important themes and debates shouldn’t happen solely behind closed doors.  We’ve therefore confirmed with both organisers exhibitions, demonstrations and will take place in the atrium area including vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells.  

We’re delighted as well to be working with Flatpack Film Festival who will programme some short films around the theme of climate change followed by two feature films in the Giant Screen.  Watch this space for other exciting news about themed activity through March.