We are thrilled that Millennium Point has been selected as the host venue for this year’s UK Barista Championships Super Heats.

The Championships are an exciting national competition organised by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and will take place between 9 – 12 February.

We are especially looking forward to the smell of fresh coffee as it is created in all of its wonderful permutations by artisans and leaders in their craft.

In addition to the competition, there will be a series of presentations in our Giant Screen Cinema and a special screening (open to all) of the documentary Barista or Bust.

Speaking about the championships, Steve Leighton, SCAE UK National Coordinator said “We are all very excited about the super heat, this will be the first time in UKBC history that we have all the competitors together in one place, we have presentations from UK industry greats along with a screening in a 350 seat cinema of the film Barista or Bust to add a social element to the competition, oh and it really is a great venue too.”

Philip Singleton, CEO of Millennium Point also added “Millennium Point has built up a reputation for hosting exciting and unique events, and the programme of activity produced by SCAE UK for the Superheats, which encompasses public demonstration, film and presentations, will perfectly compliment our striking array of spaces.

The top scoring Baristas from the Super Heats at Millennium Point will go through to the finals to be held at The London Coffee Festival in April – with the UK Champion going onto the World Barista Championships at the World Coffee Show in June.

For more information, visit: www.scaeuk.com

Photography by Kate Beard