ThinkTank, the award-winning science museum inside Birmingham’s iconic Millennium Point, has been given the green light for a brand new permanent attraction after reaching its goal of £2m.  Millennium Point Trust partially funded the project alongside other organisations including Inspiring Science Fund.

Birmingham Museums Trust, ThinkTank’s umbrella organisation and the largest independent charitable trust of museums in the UK, initially approached Millennium Point at the start of the year.

“We jumped at the opportunity to support Birmingham Museums Trust on this project”, comments Millennium Point CEO, Judith Armstrong.

Their application was one of the strongest we’ve had and their passion and clear goals to support and inspire STEM learning aligned perfectly with our own as a charity. We’re delighted that they’ve now managed to secure full funding and to have been able to contribute at the development stage.

What’s MiniBrum?

‘MiniBrum’ will be a family focussed interactive gallery which will deliver Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) learning in a fun and engaging way through a child-sized mini-city in which children can safely explore, play and learn.

The purpose of this playful learning environment will be to encourage children to use maths and science to explain the world around them, helping them to develop confidence and inspire an interest in STEM subjects at an early age.

Concept visual for MiniBrum (Image: Birmingham Museums Trust)


While STEM industries are critical to Birmingham’s growth over the next 10 years there is a fundamental issue to contend with, as there are more job roles requiring higher STEM qualifications than there are individuals to fulfil those roles.  Millennium Point Trust is a charity which exists to support and promote STEM subjects and education in the region with emphasis on encouraging young people to fulfil those roles and bridge the current skills gap.

MiniBrum is on track to open in February 2019 inside Millennium Point - an iconic venue and events destination in Birmingham City Centre.