The artisan coffee shop, based here on Level 2 of Millennium Point, has plans to help customers to get a better understanding of how a great cup of coffee is produced. Six Eight Kafé has already become a leader of the blossoming independent coffee scene in the Midlands and has begun offering cupping (coffee tasting) sessions to its customers.

Do you know the difference between a cortado and a piccolo? Would you like to learn a new skill and learn more about coffee? Here at Six Eight Kafé in Millennium Point, they run coffee courses to help you learn how to make the best coffee you’ve ever tasted!

"We found that our customers were asking more and more questions about our coffee", said manager Sal Zailani, "so we thought, why not teach them in a structured way. We were already training our own new staff but we found that a lot of the questions they asked were similar to ones asked by our customer. We did some trials before Christmas and the initial feedback was excellent.

There are courses for all levels, from beginners to people who have a serious interest in coffee. If someone completes the Ultimate Coffee Course, we would even let them work behind the bar at one of our shops for a short period”

Six Eight Kafé has come to national prominence as their baristas have won the Northern Ireland Barista Championships, Best Newcomer in the UK and reached the semi-finals of the United Kingdom Barista Championships in 2012 and 2014.

For more information about the courses and how to enquire, click here.

Here's the course menu:

Coffee Tasting (Cupping)

£10 per person

Home Brewing Beginners (Aeropress and V60)

£30 per person

Home Brewing Masterclass (Chemex and Syphon)

£60 per person

Ultimate Coffee Course (Espresso and Latte Art)

£100 per person