As a venue and destination, we develop initiatives and the programming of work with partners that encourage our visitors to experience the future. This is done through activities, exhibitions and events that explore technology, innovation, science and education.

At its heart, Millennium Point is a place where ideas are shared and nurtured. As a destination in what has become known as the Knowledge Quarter of Birmingham’s City Centre, we welcome back repeat visitors and also continue to attract new ones through interesting and provoking content such as Anne Frank + You.  Many of us have read Anne’s diary and are familiar with aspects of her life and her story.

Over one million visitors each year walk through our doors to experience the various aspects of the building and it is our aim that each one of those visitors will see something here – that notion, concept, way of working,  big idea  - that they take away with them, develop or weave into their way of thinking or operating in the future.

Two themes and notions resonate throughout this exhibition. They are both timeless. One is the aspirations, dreams, hopes and ambitions of a young person imagining a future world where they can make a difference and make a significant contribution. This absolutely fits with what we encourage here and many people inspired by a visit to Thinktank or as part of their studies at Birmingham City University or Birmingham Metropolitan College or any number of the activities within our other spaces do every day as part of their Millennium Point experience.

Unfortunately, the other theme is intolerance and hatred. An inclusive and diverse world has to be very much part of the future and it is our hope that visitors to this exhibition take away from this experience that aspirational and tolerant view of a future. Everybody has a role to play, a voice to be heard and the blending of Anne’s story with more recent examples will hopefully encourage our visitors to think about their role in creating that future.

The Anne Frank + You exhibition will run until the 15th July.

AUTHOR: Neil Anderson, Director of Marketing, Communications and Events - Millennium Point
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