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Covid Vaccination
Frequently Asked

We’ve created a set of FAQ’s to make your vaccination experience as easy and stress-free as possible. If you can’t find the answer to your question please visit the NHS site here.


I've seen there is a link to book vaccinations, can I book an appointment?


The NHS urges all adults aged 18 and over to come forward for a COVID vaccination if they have not already been invited by the NHS. The NHS ask that you book your appointment online via the NHS website.

How do I book a vaccination at Millennium Point?


You can book your vaccination online here. You do not need to wait to be contacted by the NHS. If you were contacted but have not booked your appointments, you’re still eligible and can book your appointments anytime. You can find out more about vaccinations at

Please do not call Millennium Point, we cannot book your vaccination for you.

Is Millennium Point the only place to get my vaccination?


No, you will be asked to select your preferred site to receive the vaccination. Options will be based on your geographical location.

Which vaccination will I be having?


The vaccination centre offers both AstraZeneca and Pfizer Vaccines.

Millennium Point now routinely offers the Pfizer vaccine for those under 40. If you have already received your first dose, you will receive the same kind of vaccine for your second dose. At your appointment your personal health will be discussed with you before the jab and if you have any further questions, please do speak to the NHS team on-site at Millennium Point when you arrive for your appointment.

How do I get to Millennium Point?


Our address is Millennium Point, Curzon St, Birmingham, B4 7XG. Millennium Point is a short walk from the city’s three main train stations, and easily accessible from the city centre on foot, or by car. Find out more here

Does the Clean Air Zone affect my appointment?


Millennium Point is within the Clean Air Zone, which will begin charging polluting vehicles £8 to enter the zone from 1 June 2021. The majority of cars will not be affected. You can check if your vehicle is subject to the charge at 

For cars that are subject to the charge, the NHS have put in place a voucher system to exempt people attending their vaccination appointment. Visitors to Millennium Point will be given a unique voucher code at their appointment alongside their car park ticket validation. This code can then be entered into the Brum Breathes portal to zero the charge. NHS staff on site will be able to help you with access to portal if you would like to enter your code during your appointment. You can also logon to the Brum Breathes website ( from your phone or device at home and enter your code.

What public transport links are nearby?

  • By train: The nearest train stations are Moor Street Station and New Street Station. We’re also within walking distance of Snow Hill Station.
  • Walking/cycling: We’re approximately a ten-minute walk from Birmingham city centre. We have cycle stands available around our site.
  • By Bus: From the city centre to the Millennium Point entrance on Jennens Road, catch numbers 14 (stop BS7), 55/55A 90 or 94 (stop BS9).

Where is the best drop off point if I’m travelling by taxi?


If you are travelling to Millennium Point by taxi then the best drop off point will be the front entrance to our building which is located on Curzon Street. Our postcode is B4 7XG.

Is there parking onsite?


There is a multi-storey car park situated adjacent to Millennium Point. The car park can be accessed via Curzon Street using the Cardigan Street entrance. Millennium Point is clearly signposted from all main routes on to the A4540 Ring Road to the city – simply follow signs for Millennium Point and then Vaccination Centre. The multi-storey car park has a height restriction of 2.1m (6’10”). It is then approximately 80 meters (262 ft) from the car park to the vaccination centre within Millennium Point, which is the equivalent of a 2-minute walk. For those with walking aids or wheelchairs, enter the building on level 2 where there is access to a lift and wheelchairs. Parking in the multi-storey is free for those booked in for a vaccine, but you will need to get your ticket validated by a member of NHS staff within the Millennium Point building before returning to your car.

Is onsite parking free?


As part of its support for the vaccine centre, Birmingham City Council has gifted free use of the multi-storey car park based on Cardigan street, to enable NHS patients attending their vaccination appointments to park completely free of charge.

How do I get my parking ticket validated?


On arrival at the barrier to the car park, you will need to press the button for a ticket. Please bring your car parking ticket with you to your appointment inside Millennium Point. If you have driven a family member to their appointment then make sure they take it with them. When you have received your vaccine and before you return to your car, please show your ticket to a member of the team and they will validate the ticket for you. Once back at your vehicle proceed directly to the exit barrier and insert your validated ticket. Please note that you must get your ticket validated by a member of staff for this to work. Once validated, you have 30 minutes to exit the car park.

Do you have disabled parking bays and where are they located?


There are disabled parking bays located on the ground floor of the multi-story car park available for use. It is then approximately 80 meters (262 ft) from the car park to the vaccination centre within Millennium Point, which is the equivalent of a 2-minute walk. For those with walking aids or wheelchairs, enter the building on level 2 where there is access to a lift and wheelchairs.

Does Millennium Point have disability access?


Yes. Our building has several entrance points, all of which have wheelchair access. All zones within the building where vaccinations are taking place have access to lifts and escalators for those who need it.

I have mobility issues and can’t walk far, what support is available?


It is approximately 80 meters (262 ft) from the car park to the vaccination centre within Millennium Point, which is the equivalent of a 2-minute walk. Staff and volunteers are positioned at all entrances to the building who can assist vulnerable visitors or provide wheelchairs to those who need them. Vaccinations are taking place across three floors of the building, however, all levels are wheelchair accessible and there are escalators and lifts inside the building to assist you to each floor.

Are there wheelchairs at Millennium Point?


Yes, there are wheelchairs on-site for those who need them. Please inform an NHS staff member or volunteer who will bring one to you. Staff will be stationed at all entrances of the building.

Does Millennium Point have toilet facilities?


Yes. Our building has toilet facilities including disabled toilets, which are located on Level 0 and Level 2. Members of staff will be on site to show you and there will also be signage around the building. Our toilet facilities are cleaned regularly to ensure hygiene and safety measures are met.

Where do I go for my vaccine once I’ve arrived on-site?


The vaccine hub is well signposted when onsite at Millennium Point. Please head to the ground floor and see the information desk near the front door.

Do I need to bring anything along with me to my appointment?


Please bring along the letter you have received confirming your appointment. If you have parked in the multi-storey car park then please also bring your parking ticket for validation by a member of staff.

Can I bring along a family member or friend with me to my appointment?


Please attend your vaccination appointment alone, unless you require assistance. If you have been driven to your appointment then the driver must remain outside of the building. Those who are vulnerable can be accompanied by the primary care giver.

What safety and hygiene measures are in place?


There are extensive safety and hygiene measures in place to keep visitors, staff and volunteers safe. These include a temperature check on arrival, the requirement to wear a face covering, social distancing measures, enhanced cleaning regimes, plus hand sanitising stations available throughout the venue.

Is Millennium Point Covid Secure?


Yes. Our venue is “Covid secure” with a robust plan which protects staff and visitors from coronavirus. Our protection plan is updated regularly in-line with the latest government and industry guidelines. Our venue is also accredited by multiple industry-standard bodies including “safe, clean and legal” by Quality in Tourism and “Contagion Secure” as part of the Meetings Industry Association (MIA) Aim Secure Accreditation.

Do I need to wear a face-covering?


In line with government guidance, the requirement to wear a face-covering when visiting indoor venues is mandatory. So please ensure that you wear face-covering to your COVID-19 vaccine appointment. Face coverings are not required for children aged 10 or under, or for people with certain health conditions as detailed on the government website here.

I’m interested in getting the vaccine, how can I get it?


The vaccine is currently being rolled out by the NHS to people in order of priority, starting with those who are most at risk from the virus. The NHS will let you know when it’s your turn to have the vaccine. For more information about how the vaccine will be rolled out, please visit

Please do not contact Millennium Point regarding booking your vaccination, we cannot do this for you.

I can no longer make my appointment, how do I cancel?


Please contact the national booking centre to cancel your appointment. You can find more details on how to cancel or rearrange your appointment on the letter you have received.

Please do not contact Millennium Point as we cannot cancel or rearrange the appointments for you.


Call the COVID-19 NHS EMERGENCY HELPLINE on 119 or visit