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Grants FAQs & Guidance

This page has frequently asked questions and guidance intended to assist organisations in applying for funding from the Millennium Point Charitable Trust’s Grants programme. It does not cover any of our other funding streams. For more information on our wider work as a charitable trust please see our charity page.

Application Guidance

We have tried to make our application form as easy as possible to complete. There is one form which can be downloaded from our website, it is a PDF which you can save on your computer or laptop to fill out at your convenience. We have prepared a guidance document to assist the organisation in applying for funding from the Millennium Point Trust’s STEM small grants programme. We urge you to read the guidance before completing our application form as it covers many aspects of the application form and process. Download guidance using the button below.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a grant?
We would urge you to read our guidance before completing the application form which details what we fund, eligibility and the stages of our application process. The application form can be found on our website and can be downloaded to be completed at your convenience. Once completed the application form must be emailed to before the deadline at 5 pm on Monday 30th November 2020.

Can I apply by email or post?
Our application form can be downloaded from our website and must then be emailed back to; we do not accept postal applications therefore if you have applied by post we ask you to resubmit via our email inbox.

I am an individual can I apply for funding for a project that will take place in a school?
No. We do not consider applications made by individuals. A list of which groups we fund can be found in our guidance document or hit “read more”

Your organisation must fall under one of the following categories to qualify for a grant from the Millennium Point Charitable Trust

  • School
  • Voluntary or Community Group
  • Registered Charity
  • A Constituted Group or Club
  • Not-for-profit company or Community Interest Company (CIC)
  • Social Enterprise
  • Statuary Body (including town, parish and community council)

We are currently not accepting applications from the following categories:

  • Universities
  • Hospitals or Hospices
  • Individuals
  • Companies or Sole Traders that are aimed at generating profits for private distribution.
  • Organisations based out of the UK

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My organisation is based outside the West Midlands Combined Authority, but the activity is taking place within the WMCA – can I still apply for a grant?
Yes. Ideally, we would like applicants to be within a local authority area covered by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) Area.  However, we will accept applications from outside of this area providing the project itself takes place within the WMCA area. i.e. If your organisation is based in London but your project is targeting schools in Greater Birmingham then your application is eligible. To check whether you are inside the WMCA area please check the guidance document or hit “read more”.

Constituent authorities:

  • Birmingham City Council
  • City of Wolverhampton Council
  • Coventry City Council
  • Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Sandwell Metropolitan Borough council
  • Walsall Council

Non-constituent authorities

  • Cannock Chase
  • North Warwickshire Borough Council
  • Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council
  • Redditch Borough Council
  • Rugby Borough Council
  • Shropshire Council
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon district
  • Tamworth Borough Council
  • Telford and Wrekin Council
  • Warwickshire County Council.

Additional Areas:

  • North Worcestershire (Bromsgrove and Kidderminster)
  • South Staffordshire (Burton upon Trent, Lichfield City and Uttoxeter)

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Can I submit more than one application for a grant in one round?
No. We only accept one application per organisation. The first application received will be the one we consider for a grant. We recommend that you check with your organisation to ensure no more than one application is submitted.

Can I apply for a grant if I have previously been successful in applying for a grant to MPT?
Yes. We do not restrict the number of times you can apply for a grant however we only accept one application per organisation per year.

Do you give grants for projects that span several years?
No. We will not fund a project that requires funding over several years. We only fund projects that can be implemented and completed within 12 months of payment.

Is there a limit on the size of the grant I can apply for?
Yes. Grants are available from between £1,000 to £20,000. We welcome applications that are seeking funding for projects that start from £1,000.

How many stages are there in the application process?
We have kept our application process as straightforward as possible. There is only one form for you to complete which can be downloaded from our website and then emailed back to Your application will then be reviewed and moderated before a final decision is made by our Board of Trustees. Our grants cycle is open once a year with a strict deadline. Notification of the outcome of your application will take place in July 2021 with payment in September 2021 should you be successful.

What is the usual timetable for the whole process?
Our application process opens on 19th October and closes on the 30th November 2020. The result of whether you have been granted funding will not be made until July 2021 and payment will then be made in September 2021.

When will I receive my grant if I am successful?
We aim to pay successful applicants in September 2021. We are unable to release payment any earlier.

When will I know if I am successful?
We will notify all applicants of the outcome of their application whether successful or unsuccessful in July 2021 by letter. It is unlikely you will hear from us until this time.

What information should I include in my project plan?
We want to know what the project is about and how you will be carrying it out. It is important to us that we have as much information as possible to help us when it comes to shortlisting your application. Please state what the SMART goals or objectives are for your project.

S = Specific; M = measurable; A = Achievable; R = Realistic; T= Timescale

What information do you need in the project timeline?
We will need to know the length of the project when you intend to start and finish and all of the key milestones. We do appreciate that timelines may change during actual delivery. We ask that you try to be as accurate as you can, if you are unsure of a date for a key milestone, for example, because you are reliant on a third party to achieve this particular milestone, then you can also highlight that in your timeline. Make sure to be as honest and transparent as you can.

What information should I include in the budget section?
We would request that specific details are provided on what the grant will be spent on. It is important that you clearly identify the item/activity along with the associated cost as shown in the example below. Please note that if you are intending to host an event with a speaker, we would expect you to identify the name of the speaker and their cost. The final cost should be rounded up to the nearest £100.

What should I do if there is a change of circumstances after submitting my application?
We understand that we are living in unusual times. If you are concerned about your project please get in touch with us directly and confirm the change in circumstances so that we can make an assessment on whether we are able to proceed with considering your application.

Should you have any further queries that we have not addressed in our guidance or FAQs then please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Address: Millennium Point Trust, Curzon Street, Birmingham, B4 7XG. Registered charity number 1059451.
Contact: Vanessa Currie
Tel: 0121 202 2219

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