Help section

Bigging yourself up can be quite daunting—we get that—but it’s an awesome skill to have which is why we’ve made this handy little guide to help you with the application process.


The application form is pretty simple and will only take a few minutes to fill out. It gives us the basic information we need to check your eligibility and contact you about your application if necessary. You’ll also need to answer three questions. You can answer the three questions in any way you like, so you might want to get a little bit more creative than just a written answer. You can submit a video or record audio of yourself answering them. Files should be no larger than 10mb.

Optional supporting materials

Supporting materials are not required but could help you in your application.

We want to know more about you – but also, this is your opportunity to show us more about you.

They can be anything from your UCAS application to a supporting letter from a school, business owner, parent or guardian. Interested in Civil Engineering, why not include a picture or short video of you building something; or maybe if you’re looking to study Music Technology you might want to include a track you’re working on. Proud of something you’ve done in your chosen field? Show us!


We’ve broken down each question to help you. You don’t need to answer all of these points but

1. What would winning the Millennium Point Scholarship mean to you?

What achievements are you most proud of? These could be academic, practical or personal. Perhaps you hold a position of responsibility in or out of school, or have undertaken work experience or voluntary work, do you have a hobby that’s allowed you to shine? Do you have a plan for the future? What’s that one problem in the world right now that you’re itching to solve? What is it that you like to achieve, and how do you think you’d use the knowledge and experience you’ll gain through the scholarship to help get there? 

And how would a free degree change your life? Would this scholarship give you opportunities that you wouldn’t have had? How do you think that you could benefit from the support the scholarship offers and public speaking and teambuilding?

2. Why do you want to study your chosen subject?

What will studying that subject do for you? Tell us a bit more about why you like the subject. What fascinates you about it? What has lead you to want to study this subject?

3. Why do you want to remain in the West Midlands?

Why Birmingham? Tell us why you want to stay in the West Midlands – are you a proud Brummie who wants to help your city develop and grow? What do you think are the most exciting things happening in Birmingham at the moment? How do you think you could improve our region in the future?


Once you’ve completed your application someone from our team will be in touch to confirm we’ve got everything we need. We’ll then be back by 6th February 2019 to let you know whether you’ve successfully made it to our 2019 shortlist.