Launched in 2014, the Young Innovator Prize is a Project of Millennium Point Trust, developed in partnership with Birmingham City University.

As a supporter of education, young people and STEM-related themes, the Young Innovator Prize is part of Millennium Points Trust’s ambition to promote learning, innovation and creativity.  We want young people to study and make their careers in this great city and are pleased that the Young Innovator Prize actively enables the next generation’s ambitions and ideas - Simon Topman, Chair of Millennium Point Trust


Young, digital, diverse and with the youngest population of any city in Europe, Birmingham is a place bustling with energy and opportunities - a vibrant urban centre to forge a career and make a name in.  Birthplace of the industrial revolution, the city has brought us skateboards and roller skates, whistles, x-rays, vacuum cleaners, the mass spectrometer, the photocopier, and the microwave. 

We are looking to support emerging talent to join a roll call of famous inventors, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs in a global city shaping the world.

The Young Innovator Prize:

  • Breaks down barriers and provides opportunities
  • Pays for the winner’s university course fees
  • Supports undergraduate study within Birmingham – developing, nurturing and retaining talent
  • Sponsors a current Year 13 student to study a STEM-themed subject at Birmingham City University’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment.
  • Gives the winner the chance to graduate without the need to pay back the c.£27k required to study at university


Working in Partnership with Birmingham City University

Millennium Point Trust is delighted to partner with Birmingham City University and the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment.  Attracting more students to its industry-orientated degree courses than ever before, the Faculty is at the forefront of developing the practical skills and knowledge of young people in the region.


If you are a student, teacher or parent, click here to find out more information about how to enter for the 2017 Young Innovator Prize.