Ark Tindal Primary – Science Area


Ark Tindal is a KS1 & 2 primary schools for children aged 3 – 11 in Balsall Heath, Birmingham. They are part of the Ark Schools Network following their transition in 2012.


The school is seeking to enhance their STEM curriculum by transforming a disused outdoor space into an outdoor science area. The area would support biology sessions, from identifying plants to studying bug habitats and pond dipping. Observing how seeds and bulbs grow into plants. Identify appliances that run on electricity, construction electrical circuits using, buzzers, lamps and motors. Planning different types of scientific methods and processes to answer questions, recognising and controlling variables. Similarly, the science area would have a renewable zone where the children can learn about power in the context of the environment.

What impact has it made?

The Science area enhances key learning in KS1 & 2 STEM subjects through a creative space outside where students can see the practical applications of what they are learning in the classroom environment. It also gives the school a vibrant outdoor green pace where children can learn about the importance of sustainability and the environment around them, some of whom will not have access to green spaces otherwise.

Why did they receive a small grant?

The project provides the school with resources and opportunities outside of the classroom for children to engage in STEM in a meaningful way. The school’s green agenda of teaching sustainability, renewable energy and demonstrating the practical impact through the outdoor area gives pupils an understanding of the importance of sustainable energy. This understanding has the potential to impact the immediate community of Balsall Heath, and the wider community of the West Midlands.

We are delighted to have been awarded the Millennium Point Charitable Trust grant, as it will enable us to enrich the lives of our pupils through our vision of a STEM is driven learning environment.  Over time, we envisage this benefitting the community as a whole and not just pupils attending our school.  Throughout our curriculum, which is tailored to our pupils and their life experiences both now and in the future, we want them to understand that renewable energy and energy conservation is becoming increasingly important in everyday life as fossil fuel reserves start to wane.  Through our science garden, we will entrench knowledge and appreciation of sustainable living in our pupils from an early age.

Ark Tindal Primary School

What We Funded
  • Construction of the science area including professional build and installation
  • STEM equipment (Photovoltaic equipment, wind turbine kit, water turbine kit etc)
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