Bishop Vesey Grammar School – STEM Robotics Club


Bishop Vesey Grammar School (BVGS), Sutton Coldfield, expanded in 2016 to include a dedicated science, tech, engineering and maths (STEM) block in order to support the growth and development of their pupils.

Their aim is to become a flagship design and technology institution, which would not only engage their own students but become a central DT hub for other schools and work on live briefs with local businesses and the community.


Like many schools, BVGS has very limited budgets to fund materials for their STEM block. Despite multiple fundraising activities, they were struggling to afford satisfactory materials to support their students.

What impact has it made?

They now produce specific activities in both curriculum and extra-curricular time.
The machinery is used by all pupils, aged 11-18, as well as local primary school pupils as part of their outreach programme.
In addition, a Design School/Club has been established within the school where a mixture of school and real world briefs are given from actual businesses in order to give students vital experience to help ignite their passion and inspire their real world careers.

Why did they receive a small grant?

They demonstrated clearly a passion and commitment to the advancement of learning and education for their pupils.
Particularly, the grant would serve a legacy through an outreach programme, which would benefit other under privileged schools in the area and the forward thinking plan to involve real world organisations in the development of their student’s education.

In today’s technologically driven world, now more than ever it’s important to prepare young people for the future.
Having the support of the Millennium Point Charitable Trust has enabled our school to get one-step closer to realising this goal, and with it, has opened the door to a number of amazing opportunities we otherwise would not have had.

Brian Davies, Business Development Manager, Bishop Vesey Grammar School

What We Funded
  • Twenty Midland Alpha1S Robots
  • One 3D printer
  • Installation, training and additional materials
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