While Birmingham city centre is the prime choice for an unforgettable night out, Eastside is often overlooked. However, whether you’re looking to have a boozy night out or a day surrounded by creativity and fun activities, Eastside has loads to offer. It’s an excellent location for everyone’s night out, whether you’re a student, celebrating with friends or spending time with family. So here are a few reasons why your next night out should be spent in Eastside.

1. It’s close to transport links 

Eastside is located near a range of transport links, making it easy for you and your family and friends to travel in and out of Birmingham. This is perfect if you can’t find a designated driver and it allows you to get home safely after a night of drinking. Transport links include:

2. It’s close to Birmingham city centre 

Eastside is also just a short walk from Birmingham city centre, placing you close to a range of bars and restaurants. This allows you to explore different bars, restaurants and activities to make your night unforgettable. 

Being in close proximity to the city centre means you can forgo expensive taxis and Ubers when travelling to different venues, helping you save money that can be spent on things that make your night extra special. 

2. A range of student accommodation is close by

Eastside’s proximity to Birmingham City University and Aston University’s student accommodations provides the perfect setting for an exciting yet affordable night out. Pubs located within Eastside tend to have student deals like happy hour or discounts giving students the opportunity to do more with their night on the town. This also offers excellent opportunities to meet new people and make more friends.   

Birmingham City University’s Student Union is also located nearby, providing great opportunities for students to get involved in a range of activities. This could include things like:

There’s also a range of pubs situated in Eastside, including Gosta Green and Eagle & Ball. These both host excellent social events and student offers, making them a fun and affordable night out. You can expect events like:

Millennium Point is in the heart of Eastside 

Millennium Point is positioned in the heart of Eastside making it a great venue to centre your next evening out around. We host a range of exciting events throughout the year and have some excellent upcoming events, including:

Dirty Dancing bottomless brunch 

Date: 25th May 2024 

Time: 1PM

Price: £35pp (plus booking fee)

Dance the day away with our Dirty Dancing bottomless brunch. Enjoy 90 minutes of unlimited prosecco and fabulous food in our fully licensed bar. You can choose from a beef, chicken or vegan burger and add your desired toppings, salad and chips at our build-your-own-burger station. If you’re still wanting more, you can purchase further food and drinks throughout!

Loki summer wine & spirits fair

Date: 6th July 2024 

Loki has spent the last couple of months travelling the world, tasting different wines to find the most exciting and interesting ones for you to take home! 

They’ve gathered their favourite producers, trusted suppliers and newly made wines from friends around the world to share their best bottles with you! Over 30 tables will showcase delicious wines, gins, whiskies, cognacs and liquors for you to taste test. 

Over 250 beverages will be available to try including sparkling and dessert wines allowing you to experience a vast tasting selection.   

An assortment of artisan cheeses from Anderson and Hill will also be available to buy throughout the day, as well as Laghis deli who will be serving delicious pizza and sweet treats. 

If you’re looking to have your next night out in Eastside, explore our range of events.

Summer may be just around the corner but there’s no better time to start planning your office’s Christmas party! We know this probably isn’t something you want to hear but, as experts in the field, trust us when we say it comes round quicker than you think, and that party spaces are already being snapped up!

Make Millennium Point your place to go this Christmas in our award-winning Birmingham city centre venue. Expect to receive first-class hospitality, hassle-free planning, and a high-quality service when you book with us. Confirm your Christmas party at Millennium Point by 31st July 2024 and we will upgrade your package to include a complimentary bottle of prosecco for every 5 guests booked. Terms and conditions apply

So, get your Santa hat on and read more about our early bird incentive and festive packages below.

Make Millennium Point your place to go this Christmas for your exclusive private party

Give your guests a VIP experience with our Exclusive Party Night. Guests will be treated to a drink on arrival in our stunning Atrium before sitting down to enjoy a sumptuous three-course Christmas banqueting menu.

Later, guests can party on the dancefloor with our resident DJ and take full advantage of the private fully licenced bar. Tickets cost just £49.95 + VAT.

Want something more on brand?

We want to make every Christmas party special, so if you have something more bespoke in mind for your private party, our events team are happy to help! Get in contact to discuss more.

Early bird gets the prosecco

Confirm your Christmas party at Millennium Point by 31st July 2024 and we will upgrade your package to include complimentary prosecco for every 5 guests booked. Meaning you can truly bring in the Christmas cheer with your team.

Terms and conditions can be found here.

Our Christmas Tree makes the perfect selfie backdrop

Our 39ft Christmas tree is put together by Christmas experts The Christmas Decorators. It takes a team of 5 installers and a team of 7 decorators, to prepare the branches and baubles. The Christmas tree takes around 10 hours to complete. With good reason too as there are over 21,000 lights and 1,500 baubles to set up!

We boast one of the largest indoor Christmas trees in Birmingham at 12 metres tall. It’s also accompanied by two nutcrackers giving visitors lots of opportunities to snap a festive selfie.

Make your event sparkle when booking with Millennium Point

Choose Millennium Point to book your event with our beautiful 39ft tree on display to give your event the wow factor at no additional cost. Our multi-award-winning venue has 11 versatile spaces to choose from ensuring the perfect space is offered for your event.

If you have something in mind our friendly events team are happy to help. Get in contact for any questions you may have with our team.

Hosting a corporate event is exciting and a great way to engage with your staff or a range of companies within your industry, as it can encourage networking and building strong relationships. Corporate events also help to foster innovation and drive brand awareness. 

Here are a few ways you can ensure you host an engaging corporate event:

1. Define your objectives

When planning any event it’s important to set your objectives. A key objective to consider is how you engage with your audience. Understanding what your goals are will allow you to pinpoint topics, themes and conversations you want to use and encourage to help you meet your goals. This will also help you stick to your set budget and plan and promote your event successfully. 

2. Understand your audience 

When you fully understand who your audience are, their behaviours and preferences you’ll be able to grab their attention and get them to participate with your event. This can help you choose themes and topics of discussion within your event and any activities or aspects of participation that you want to include.

Once you know who your audience is you can start marketing campaigns and processes with a targeted approach. This will help you increase attendees and encourage guest speakers to promote your event. You could also create a dedicated hashtag for the event to promote engagement before it even starts. This will spread further awareness of your brand, create excitement around the event and boost sign ups, attendants and/or ticket purchases. 

This can simply be done through social media posts for free, meaning your marketing doesn’t necessarily have to eat into your budget.

3. Pick the right venue

Venues are an integral part of the experience of a corporate event. If you choose a venue that doesn’t align with the topic or theme of your event you won’t curate an environment that reflects your goals, ultimately leading to a disengaged audience. 

By already defining your goals and audience you should be able to narrow down the type of venue that aligns with your event. 

At Millennium Point, we have a range of spaces perfect for any event. For example, Station, Express and the Auditorium are great venues to hold conferences and corporate events. If you’re looking to hold a more extravagant gathering the Auditorium could be a great option as it’s been newly refurbished with a giant screen and stage. This allows you to host awards ceremonies, talks or presentations. 

4. Incorporate interactive aspects 

Incorporating interactive aspects into your corporate event should add value to your event and keep your audience engaged. For example you could include:

5. Provide entertainment 

Adding entertainment into your corporate event will help you host a more engaging event. You can include things like:

Implementing live entertainment can break the ice between guests, spark conversations and boost engagement. Your entertainment can align with your objectives and build a positive brand reputation.

6. Personalise the experience 

You can personalise your guests’ experiences by tailoring things like their agendas, activities and interactions based on their preferences and interests. This can increase the likelihood of attendees getting involved in activities throughout the event. 

Personalising the event can improve guest experiences, making them more likely to attend future gatherings and get involved with your company.

At Millennium Point we can help you host an exceptional corporate event that heightens your brand reputation and guarantees guest engagement. Explore our range of event spaces today.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is fast approaching, but women shouldn’t just be celebrated once a year! That’s why Millennium Point works hard to provide equal opportunities for women.

This blog will explore the importance of International Women’s Day and what we’re doing to empower women all year round. 

The importance of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day takes place annually on the 8th of March and celebrates the accomplishments of women within culture, politics, the economy and society at large. 

IWD is important for a number of reasons, such as:

It explores a different theme each year 

Each year IWD explores a different theme. This year is ‘Inspire Inclusion’, where it’s encouraged to inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion so that we can forge a better world. Furthermore, when women are inspired to be included, they feel valued and feel a sense of belonging, relevance and empowerment.

Being able to explore a new theme each year will allow crucial issues and topics to be explored and awareness to be raised. 

It’s an opportunity to celebrate women’s accomplishments 

Women have played crucial roles in various parts of history, such as voting rights, civil rights, LGBTQ+ rights and much more. They’ve also made significant contributions and achievements within various industries such as:

It highlights what work still needs to be achieved 

While International Women’s Day celebrates and recognises what has been achieved, it’s also a great opportunity to highlight what still needs to be done. 

It’s an opportunity for schools and organisers to educate children

Implementing one dedicated day to celebrate women gives schools and organisations the opportunity to introduce topics that aren’t usually taught all year round. They can also use this as an opportunity to tailor IWD to their industry or topic. For example, many STEM industries previously frowned upon women working within them, causing a lack of role models and diversity. Schools and organisations can explore how this has changed and what still needs to be done to close the gender gap and create equal opportunities for women in all industries. 

International Women’s Day Conference and Exhibition

We’re hosting an inspiring and empowering International Women’s Day conference and exhibition on the 8th March 2024 to celebrate women’s achievements and promote gender equality. 

This in-person event brings together influential speakers, including fashion entrepreneur Karren Millen and Software Engineer Parris Small where thought-provoking conversations will be encouraged. So why not come and take part in this incredible celebration of women’s achievements and the journey of building a more inclusive society?

The exhibition will include a range of stands and a seminar stage where content will be delivered to individuals, small businesses and young females. The event is free to attend and don’t forget this event isn’t just for women! Getting as many men as possible involved encourages conversations that help close the gender gap and ignite change.

The exhibition time table goes as followed:

10:00 AM Welcome & Introduction

10:30 AM Motivational Networking

11:00 AM How to Start and Scale Your Business

11:30 AM The Magic of Writing Your Book

12:00 PM Funding Females

12:30 PM Mental Health & Wellbeing

1:00 PM Women In STEM

2:00 PM Women in Media

3:00 PM Empowering Girls for Career Success

4:00 PM Building Your Personal Brand

4:40 PM Monetise your Passion

5:10 PM Finish

If you’re looking to get involved, book your ticket for the exhibition here.

STEM grant funding

We offer excellent STEM grant funding opportunities where not-for-profit organisations, schools and colleges across the West Midlands combined area can gain up to £20,000 to fund their STEM projects. 

The grant will be provided depending on eligibility and how well a measurable impact in STEM can be demonstrated. Applications for smaller grants of £1,000 or more are also accepted. 

We accept applications from:

We don’t accept applications from:

Our grant programme helps to provide equal opportunities in educating both girls and boys in the STEM industry and aims to encourage them to undertake a career in STEM. 

STEM scholarship  

We’ve partnered with Birmingham City University to provide 1 fully funded undergraduate degree at their faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment. 

Applications are currently open and will close on the 15th of March 2024. Applicants will also need to be available on Tuesday 7th of May 2024 for our assessment day. If you become the lucky winner you’ll receive a scholarship where your tuition fees will be paid for. If you don’t win we’ll invite you to attend developmental workshops that focus on supporting your personal development and professionalism within interviews and presentations. 

If you’re interested in applying you’ll need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

Millennium Point has announced an exclusive screening of acclaimed docudrama LOVE?, with live introduction from writer and actress Samantha Beckinsale, on 8 March.

Born out of lived experiences and the creative vision of Samantha, award-winning director and editor Jason Figgis, producer Simon W. Golding, and composer Scott Buckley, LOVE? is a feature-length docudrama depicting coercive control, which is one of the least recognised forms of domestic abuse.

The film has already welcomed incredible early reviews with Domestic Abuse Specialist Nicky Brindley MBE describing it as “a true masterpiece”, and Domestic Abuse Advocate Dorothy Zimmerman hailing it as a “revelation to start a revolution.” West Midlands audiences will now be able to experience it at an exclusive free screening on Millennium Point’s giant screen on Friday 8 March.

Writer and star, Samantha Beckinsale will be joining the event to introduce the film. Samantha said: “I’m over the moon that Millennium Point and all the sponsors have supported this LOVE? Project event and am very much looking forward to introducing LOVE? to West Midlands audiences. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone, be perpetrated by anyone, and has common patterns across the world. By spreading this message via our film, we hope to help people recognise the signs and effect of domestic abuse and the tactics used by perpetrators of these crimes. Coercive control kills and without a fist being raised.”

Samantha will be joined by multi-award-winning family lawyer and Domestic Abuse Advocate Richard Port MBE, family barrister Rachel Bloxwich from 3PB Chambers, and representatives from Our Family Wizard, who are proud sponsors of this event. There will also be an opportunity to enjoy drinks and networking after the screening.

Rebecca Delmore, Commercial Director at Millennium Point, said: “We are honoured to be able to amplify the reach of this incredibly important and powerful film on Millennium Point’s giant screen. I hope that audience members will feel empowered to further spread the film’s important message.”

Tickets can be booked here.

In light of our recent scholarship application launch, we understand that finding the motivation to apply can be challenging. However, let these stories of these talented professionals serve as inspiration for you to embark into the world of STEM and push yourself to achieve new heights.

Annie Easley – The Human Computer

At the time, Easley was looking for a job after relocating when she discovered an article about two sisters who were “human computers” at the Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory in Cleveland, Ohio. Two weeks later, after the reading the article, Easley began her career that spanned across 34 years, contributing to numerous programs as a computer scientist.

Easley’s career involved analysing problems and solving complexed mathematical calculations by hand, awarding her with the title of human computer. Easley would go on to break barriers for women and people of colour, inspiring them to pursue STEM opportunities.

Gitanjali Rao – American’s Top Youngest Scientist 2017

Inspired by the Flint Michigan water crisis, Rao invented a life-changing device that can detect lead in water at the age of 11. Rao’s dedication to her work earned her a place in the 2019 Forbes 30 under 30. In recent years, Rao has been taking part in the research of cell biology at the University of Colorado, using the latest genetic engineering to find a solution to prescription opioid addiction epidemic.

Rao is an active STEM ambassador, inspiring young people by promoting STEM-based activities in schools and the community. Rao continues to affect students globally by sharing her knowledge, tools, and encouragement.

Morris Mbetsa – Africa’s First Flying Taxi

Morris, a self-taught engineer, created an innovative solution to Africa’s traffic and poor road infrastructure issues. At the age of 28, Morris manufactured Africa’s first flying taxi. This drone transports passengers for around 25 minutes, and at speeds of up to 120km an hour. The young entrepreneur uses his talents to generate easy-to-use, inexpensive technological solutions that are accessible to his community.

At the young age of 6, Morris discovered his passion for technology, as he has stated on The Kenyan network K24, “Technology is my life. I never watched football while growing up. My room was full of electronics and wires.”

Ronjon Nag – Smartphone Pioneer

Shortly after becoming a newly graduate, Nag invented breakthrough technology for smart devices such as handwriting recognition, predictive text, application of speech recognition and touch screens for mobile devices. He later went on to become the founder of R42 institute, a US and UK-based company that invents and invests in AI and Biotech.

Nag has gone to work with big names such as Apple, BlackBerry, and Motorola after becoming a technological pioneer. As well as becoming a ground-breaking entrepreneur, Nag was also a professor in Genetics at the Stanford School of Medicine, committed to providing inclusive and accessible education.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell – Beyond the Stars

Whilst studying at the University of Glasgow, Burnell discovered pulsars, the cosmic sources of peculiar radio pulses. After graduating, she frequently worked in gamma ray, X-ray, infrared and millimetre wavelength astronomy. In 2015, Burnell was awarded a Royal Medal by the Royal Society and became the first female President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

After winning a breakthrough prize, Burnell donated all the proceedings to the institute of Physics to set up scholarships for graduates and those in under-represented communities to have access to study physics.

Are you Interested in a Career in STEM?

We hope these stories have truly inspired you and encourage you to achieve greatness. If you have any questions about our Scholarship scheme, you can contact our friendly Trust team.

Where we started 

Opening on the 29th of September 2001 and officially being opened by Her Majesty on July 2nd 2002, the Millennium Point project was originally developed in partnership with a number of public and private sector institutions. 

Millennium Point was spearheaded by Birmingham City Council, Birmingham City University (formerly known as the University of Central England) and the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.  

What we’ve achieved 

We’ve achieved a lot in a short period of time. For starters, we’re home to some of the city’s leading institutions, like Birmingham City University, Birmingham Metropolitan College, Think Tank and Marketing Birmingham that have either been based in or continue to operate in our facilities. 

We’re also the lead funder for the Science Park based in ThinkTank and have funded various other projects in the West Midlands area, such as the Ark Trindal Primary School’s science area.

At the end of the day, we here at Millennium Point aim to give back to our community by providing opportunities in STEM, helping to host fantastic events and acting as an excellent landlord for thriving businesses in the Midlands.

Millennium Point’s Charitable Trust 

Our award-winning charitable trust invests over £4.8 million a year towards furthering STEM education in the West Midlands. 

Our mission

At Millennium point we aim to advance education for public benefit. We look at the industrial and technological processes that have shaped the modern world and that will shape the future. 

Our flagship initiatives 

Our vision

Ultimately we want to be recognised as a leader in the promotion of STEM education and careers. We aim to do this  by meeting these goals:

To discover more about the work our Charitable Trust does, visit our charity page here.

Exceptional events spaces 

Millennium Point is Eastsides largest events hub, where we have a variety of spaces, including our giant screen auditorium, perfect for any event. 

Our spaces benefit from:

Why choose to host your event at Millennium Point?

Hosting your event with us increases your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), while giving back to the West Midlands. 

All commercial profits from our events business and landmark public building go to our award-winning Charitable Trust. The Trust has invested over £25 million back into the West Midlands across the last six years to help support the growth of STEM education. 

When you hold your event at Millennium Point your money makes change happen! For example your money could go toward some of our projects like:

To discover which space could be best for your event, try out our Events Space Matcherator and one of our team will be in touch. 

Perfect properties 

Here at Millennium Point we have a range of properties that could make a perfect home for your business. 

So what makes us different from other properties?

To discover more about the properties we have to offer, get in touch with us today.

While we’re only 22 years old, our rich history has set us up for a lifetime of providing support to Birmingham and the West Midlands, helping them thrive and build a brighter future for those wanting to pursue a career in STEM. 

While we have already achieved some amazing things, we’re not going to stop here. Whether you’re looking to host an event or find a new home for your business, just know that your money is helping us provide a better future for our younger generations.   

This year’s scholarship applications are now open for applicants to embark on a new educational journey into the world of STEM. In partnership with Birmingham City University (BCU), each year Millennium Point Trust fund an undergraduate degree at the Faculty of Computing, Engineering, and the Built Environment facility.

Our scholarship programme has over 20 courses to choose from. Applications are now open, with a deadline of Friday 8th March 2024 at 5pm, allowing you plenty of time to complete your application.

Meet Safa Bibi, last year’s Scholarship winner

Safa Bibi from Small Health was studying Applied Science at South and City College, Birmingham and is now studying a degree in Computer Science at Birmingham City University as of September 2023. Safa’s passion for computer science and inspiration drawn from women in STEM encouraged her to apply for our scholarship program. With the support of Millennium Point Trust, Safa now studies the subject she is deeply passionate about.

Safa states, “Winning the scholarship has made me feel seen and heard by more than just my community of family and friends, so I feel like I can do more and achieve more. I hope that me winning the scholarship empowers other women and ethnic minorities to start applying for scholarships and these roles in STEM.”

Applying is easy and simple

The competition is open to you if you are 18 by, and looking to start an undergraduate degree in September 2024 and live within the West Midlands Combined Authority.

Read the application form carefully and start to answer each question. Think about why you want to study your chosen degree and what you want to do in the future. Also discuss any personal attributes and skills that could help you be the next winner of the Scholarship.

The application has two-stages, with the final stage being an assessment day in May. Finalists will be invited to participate in developmental workshops that will focus on supporting our personal development and professionalism in both interview and presentation skills.

We are here to help you every step of the way

We want everyone to have the best chance of success when applying for our scholarship scheme, so it is important to be confident when writing your application. That’s why we have created a helpful guide to aid throughout your application. Keep an eye out on our social media channels as well as our website for blogs, videos for additional resources to further assist you.

You can always contact our friendly Trust team for any other enquires you may have.

Apply today for a life-changing opportunity

Our applications are now open with the deadline on Friday 15th March 2024 at 5pm, so apply now and start your journey into the world of STEM.

6 Steps to Plan the Ultimate Office Christmas Party

Everyone looks forward to the festive season and for businesses, there’s one thing staff are looking forward to – the Christmas party! That’s why we’ve put together a list of steps you should follow to ensure you host the very best Christmas party.

Start planning early

Have you ever tried to plan a Christmas party with only a few weeks to spare? It takes a surprising amount of time to plan and leaves you saying that you’ll prepare it well in advance the following year, but you never do. Well, this year is the year!

Venues tend to get booked up early so it’s a good idea to start planning around July or August. During this time you can figure out your budget, ideate the venue and think about the activities you want to complete.

Manage your budget effectively 

It’s important to effectively manage your budget so that you can make the most of the money you have available to create the very best Christmas party. When looking at your budget you should:

When you plan your Christmas party early you’ll have the opportunity to shop around for the best priced party packages or venues. This will allow you to make the most of your budget.

Pick a venue 

Choosing a venue that suits what everyone wants can be difficult and a little overwhelming. But with a little planning and getting staff involved in the decision making you may find it simpler to find a venue. During your research, you should:

When choosing a venue you’ll want to consider how close it is to the office and how long it’ll take for employees to get to and from the location. At the end of the day, you don’t want to book somewhere that’ll take the majority of attendees too long to get to. This could cause a lot of people to decline your invitation.

Plan activities 

Depending on the type of Christmas party you’re holding, it can be fun to complete some activities. This could be as simple as a Secret Santa or best Christmas outfit award. For those looking for more extravagant activities, you could go bowling, book an escape room or go go-karting.

Consider catering and food options

Once you’ve chosen your venue you can start to think about catering options. If you’re hosting your party at a restaurant or bar this may not be something you need to think about. However, they may offer you the choice of their normal menu or set Christmas menu.

If you’re holding your party at a venue that doesn’t offer food options, you might want to look for a caterer. When doing your research you should:

Invite staff

It sounds obvious but it’s important to remember to invite your staff. This can be done through online or mailed invites or by adding it to their calendars. After all, you want to ensure everyone attends after you’ve put so much hard work into planning the party.

Hosting a Christmas party at Millennium Point

Here at Millennium Point, we have extensive experience in hosting and planning events and parties. We offer two party packages that could be perfect for your business:

Shared party night 

Our shared party package is £44.95 per person plus VAT and is perfect for smaller businesses looking for that big party experience, without spending a fortune. The package includes a three-course meal and our Platform dancefloor where you can dance the night away to our DJ playing festive hits. The menu includes:


Main Course

All mains served with seasonal greens


Exclusive Party Night 

This package is £49.95 per person plus VAT. You’ll have the choice of a two or three course meal and will have the opportunity to dance on the dancefloor and have access to a private fully licensed bar. The menu includes:


Main Course

All mains served with seasonal greens


Take a look at our Christmas party packages page to discover more about what we have to offer.

3 Reasons to Book a Conference Room With Millennium Point

Create a great first impression, through using a conference room for your meetings, staff onboarding and training sessions.  However, these shouldn’t just be used to win over new clients. Using a conference room during regular client meetings also shows that you value your client’s time, helping you build lasting relationships.

At Millennium Point, we understand the importance of creating strong relationships with your clients and staff. That’s why this blog will explore 3 reasons why you should book a conference room with us.

1. Location

Book a conference room at Millennium Point, and let our location enhance your event experience. We provide not only the perfect conference room but also the best backdrop for a successful and convenient meeting. 

After the day’s business is concluded, why not take advantage of our prime location to build personal relationships and connections? Being located in the centre of Birmingham means you’re only moments away from a range of bars and venues where you can unwind and connect with your staff and clients.

2. Added benefits 

Some of our office spaces come with their very own conference rooms that are equipped to help you host the very best meetings or training sessions. Our rooms benefit from:

3. Networking opportunities 

A range of companies rent out our properties and conference rooms giving you the opportunity to meet new people and build potential client relationships. 

Our conference rooms aren’t just for meetings, they’re here to encourage networking opportunities. Through providing a dedicated professional setting, attendees feel comfortable to share ideas, collaborate and build relationships. When you have the right atmosphere you can truly connect with your staff and customers. 

Properties with a conference room 

We have a range of excellent conference rooms perfect for any small or large meeting. Available rooms include:

H3: Station

Station is our  larger space , it combines one main room with multiple boardrooms that can be utilised for speaker green rooms, quiet spaces or offices. You can have a maximum capacity of 112 delegates if you opt for a theatre-style layout or 72 delegates if you choose a cabaret style. This flexibility makes it perfect for team activities, workshops or networking.  

This venue also benefits from:

H3: Express

Express is an all-in-one space with one main room and 3 small rooms that can be used as speaker green rooms, quiet spaces or offices. If you opt for a theatre style layout you can have a maximum of 100 delegates or 48 attendees when you choose a cabaret layout. This makes the space ideal for team activities, workshops, presentation opportunities and catering.   

The space also benefits from:

H3: Curzon rooms

Curzon rooms are perfect for training staff. They offer easy access and provide presentation facilities along with high-speed Wi-Fi. 

The space also benefits from:

H3: Curzon Suite

Curzon Suite is also a great place to undertake employee training. This space is surrounded by natural light helping to stimulate learning and innovation and also benefits from:

So if you’re looking to book a conference room at Millennium Point you can explore our range of conference rooms using our events space matcherator.