International Women’s Day (IWD) is fast approaching, but women shouldn’t just be celebrated once a year! That’s why Millennium Point works hard to provide equal opportunities for women.

This blog will explore the importance of International Women’s Day and what we’re doing to empower women all year round. 

The importance of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day takes place annually on the 8th of March and celebrates the accomplishments of women within culture, politics, the economy and society at large. 

IWD is important for a number of reasons, such as:

It explores a different theme each year 

Each year IWD explores a different theme. This year is ‘Inspire Inclusion’, where it’s encouraged to inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion so that we can forge a better world. Furthermore, when women are inspired to be included, they feel valued and feel a sense of belonging, relevance and empowerment.

Being able to explore a new theme each year will allow crucial issues and topics to be explored and awareness to be raised. 

It’s an opportunity to celebrate women’s accomplishments 

Women have played crucial roles in various parts of history, such as voting rights, civil rights, LGBTQ+ rights and much more. They’ve also made significant contributions and achievements within various industries such as:

It highlights what work still needs to be achieved 

While International Women’s Day celebrates and recognises what has been achieved, it’s also a great opportunity to highlight what still needs to be done. 

It’s an opportunity for schools and organisers to educate children

Implementing one dedicated day to celebrate women gives schools and organisations the opportunity to introduce topics that aren’t usually taught all year round. They can also use this as an opportunity to tailor IWD to their industry or topic. For example, many STEM industries previously frowned upon women working within them, causing a lack of role models and diversity. Schools and organisations can explore how this has changed and what still needs to be done to close the gender gap and create equal opportunities for women in all industries. 

International Women’s Day Conference and Exhibition

We’re hosting an inspiring and empowering International Women’s Day conference and exhibition on the 8th March 2024 to celebrate women’s achievements and promote gender equality. 

This in-person event brings together influential speakers, including fashion entrepreneur Karren Millen and Software Engineer Parris Small where thought-provoking conversations will be encouraged. So why not come and take part in this incredible celebration of women’s achievements and the journey of building a more inclusive society?

The exhibition will include a range of stands and a seminar stage where content will be delivered to individuals, small businesses and young females. The event is free to attend and don’t forget this event isn’t just for women! Getting as many men as possible involved encourages conversations that help close the gender gap and ignite change.

The exhibition time table goes as followed:

10:00 AM Welcome & Introduction

10:30 AM Motivational Networking

11:00 AM How to Start and Scale Your Business

11:30 AM The Magic of Writing Your Book

12:00 PM Funding Females

12:30 PM Mental Health & Wellbeing

1:00 PM Women In STEM

2:00 PM Women in Media

3:00 PM Empowering Girls for Career Success

4:00 PM Building Your Personal Brand

4:40 PM Monetise your Passion

5:10 PM Finish

If you’re looking to get involved, book your ticket for the exhibition here.

STEM grant funding

We offer excellent STEM grant funding opportunities where not-for-profit organisations, schools and colleges across the West Midlands combined area can gain up to £20,000 to fund their STEM projects. 

The grant will be provided depending on eligibility and how well a measurable impact in STEM can be demonstrated. Applications for smaller grants of £1,000 or more are also accepted. 

We accept applications from:

We don’t accept applications from:

Our grant programme helps to provide equal opportunities in educating both girls and boys in the STEM industry and aims to encourage them to undertake a career in STEM. 

STEM scholarship  

We’ve partnered with Birmingham City University to provide 1 fully funded undergraduate degree at their faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment. 

Applications are currently open and will close on the 15th of March 2024. Applicants will also need to be available on Tuesday 7th of May 2024 for our assessment day. If you become the lucky winner you’ll receive a scholarship where your tuition fees will be paid for. If you don’t win we’ll invite you to attend developmental workshops that focus on supporting your personal development and professionalism within interviews and presentations. 

If you’re interested in applying you’ll need to meet the following eligibility criteria: