Join Stemettes and Millennium Point online to take part in a STEMazing event with a focus on health & tech.

What is Stemettes Hack Midlands

This years virtual event is funded by the Millennium Point Charitable Trust and is spread across two days (18th-19th September), that will tap into your creativity and equip you with new skillsets. The event we’ll be focusing on health and technology and how we can improve the way we live for a better future for us and the planet.

What activities will you be taking part in?

During the event you will be split into teams to identify a health-related issue and design a product or business solution for it. This will test each individual and help deliver some STEMtastic solutions.  Throughout the weekend, you’ll be able to interact with STEM role models and learn about health and technology through their knowledge and expertise. The role models will be there to inspire your approach to the new ideas and solutions you’ll be developing in your team.

At the end of the event each team will get the opportunity to present your new ideas to a panel of judges. There will be some exciting prizes awarded to the winning groups and each participant will receive a goodie bag.

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Event details

When: Saturday 18th September – Sunday 19th September 2021
Time: 10 am to 5:00 pm
Where: Online via Microsoft Teams

Please note that attendees based in the Midlands will be given priority for this event. Therefore, a limited amount of participants will be able to join. 

How Millennium Point supports STEM within the region?

Our charitable trust is passionate about creating new opportunities within STEM for young people. As part of our trust program we run two annual campaigns to help shape young peoples futures.

Our grants scheme supports and contributes more than 5 million back into the West Midlands region through STEM related projects and events. This helps support deprived areas where many young people are missing out on the learning needed to boost their career prospects.

Learn about projects we’ve funded like this

An example of the type of projects we fund is detailed in the below video. You can also read through our grant case studies by clicking here.

Apply for a Millennium Point grant

For more information on how to apply for a Millennium Point grant please click here.

WIN a fully funded degree

We also fully fund an undergraduate degree each year in partnership with Birmingham City University. Our Scholarship program begins with an application process, with the lucky finalists being selected for a chance to win a FREE degree. Each finalist presents a solution using STEM to a current ongoing issue, in front of a panel of STEM experts. Below is a video showing this year’s winner, Asima Adnan’s story. Asima begins her fully funded degree this month.

Apply for the 2022 Scholarship

For more information on how to apply or get involved in the 2022 Scholarship program please click here.

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