3 Reasons to Book a Conference Room With Millennium Point

Published 01/12/2023
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3 Reasons to Book a Conference Room With Millennium Point

Create a great first impression, through using a conference room for your meetings, staff onboarding and training sessions.  However, these shouldn’t just be used to win over new clients. Using a conference room during regular client meetings also shows that you value your client’s time, helping you build lasting relationships.

At Millennium Point, we understand the importance of creating strong relationships with your clients and staff. That’s why this blog will explore 3 reasons why you should book a conference room with us.

1. Location

Book a conference room at Millennium Point, and let our location enhance your event experience. We provide not only the perfect conference room but also the best backdrop for a successful and convenient meeting. 

After the day’s business is concluded, why not take advantage of our prime location to build personal relationships and connections? Being located in the centre of Birmingham means you’re only moments away from a range of bars and venues where you can unwind and connect with your staff and clients.

2. Added benefits 

Some of our office spaces come with their very own conference rooms that are equipped to help you host the very best meetings or training sessions. Our rooms benefit from:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi – This ensures you have no hiccups throughout your gathering.
  • On-site AV technician to support – If you find yourself in a technical glitch, our AV technician can fix any presentation and audio issues you face.
  • Tea and coffee facilities – This keeps attendees well refreshed, helping to increase focus and innovation.   

3. Networking opportunities 

A range of companies rent out our properties and conference rooms giving you the opportunity to meet new people and build potential client relationships. 

Our conference rooms aren’t just for meetings, they’re here to encourage networking opportunities. Through providing a dedicated professional setting, attendees feel comfortable to share ideas, collaborate and build relationships. When you have the right atmosphere you can truly connect with your staff and customers. 

Properties with a conference room 

We have a range of excellent conference rooms perfect for any small or large meeting. Available rooms include:

H3: Station

Station is our  larger space , it combines one main room with multiple boardrooms that can be utilised for speaker green rooms, quiet spaces or offices. You can have a maximum capacity of 112 delegates if you opt for a theatre-style layout or 72 delegates if you choose a cabaret style. This flexibility makes it perfect for team activities, workshops or networking.  

This venue also benefits from:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Holding up to 150 delegates
  • An on-site AV-technician support throughout your event 

H3: Express

Express is an all-in-one space with one main room and 3 small rooms that can be used as speaker green rooms, quiet spaces or offices. If you opt for a theatre style layout you can have a maximum of 100 delegates or 48 attendees when you choose a cabaret layout. This makes the space ideal for team activities, workshops, presentation opportunities and catering.   

The space also benefits from:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • An on-site AV technician support throughout your event
  • Tea and coffee facilities 

H3: Curzon rooms

Curzon rooms are perfect for training staff. They offer easy access and provide presentation facilities along with high-speed Wi-Fi. 

The space also benefits from:

  • Holding a maximum of 60 delegates
  • An on-site AV technician support throughout your event 
  • Tea and coffee facilities

H3: Curzon Suite

Curzon Suite is also a great place to undertake employee training. This space is surrounded by natural light helping to stimulate learning and innovation and also benefits from:

  • High speed Wi-Fi
  • Holding up to 60 delegates 
  • An on-site AV technician support throughout your event 
  • Tea and coffee facilities 
  • Access to Millennium Point’s exclusive terrace 

So if you’re looking to book a conference room at Millennium Point you can explore our range of conference rooms using our events space matcherator. 

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