6 Ways You Can Host Engaging Corporate Events

Published 06/03/2024
2 minutes

Hosting a corporate event is exciting and a great way to engage with your staff or a range of companies within your industry, as it can encourage networking and building strong relationships. Corporate events also help to foster innovation and drive brand awareness. 

Here are a few ways you can ensure you host an engaging corporate event:

1. Define your objectives

When planning any event it’s important to set your objectives. A key objective to consider is how you engage with your audience. Understanding what your goals are will allow you to pinpoint topics, themes and conversations you want to use and encourage to help you meet your goals. This will also help you stick to your set budget and plan and promote your event successfully. 

2. Understand your audience 

When you fully understand who your audience are, their behaviours and preferences you’ll be able to grab their attention and get them to participate with your event. This can help you choose themes and topics of discussion within your event and any activities or aspects of participation that you want to include.

Once you know who your audience is you can start marketing campaigns and processes with a targeted approach. This will help you increase attendees and encourage guest speakers to promote your event. You could also create a dedicated hashtag for the event to promote engagement before it even starts. This will spread further awareness of your brand, create excitement around the event and boost sign ups, attendants and/or ticket purchases. 

This can simply be done through social media posts for free, meaning your marketing doesn’t necessarily have to eat into your budget.

3. Pick the right venue

Venues are an integral part of the experience of a corporate event. If you choose a venue that doesn’t align with the topic or theme of your event you won’t curate an environment that reflects your goals, ultimately leading to a disengaged audience. 

By already defining your goals and audience you should be able to narrow down the type of venue that aligns with your event. 

At Millennium Point, we have a range of spaces perfect for any event. For example, Station, Express and the Auditorium are great venues to hold conferences and corporate events. If you’re looking to hold a more extravagant gathering the Auditorium could be a great option as it’s been newly refurbished with a giant screen and stage. This allows you to host awards ceremonies, talks or presentations. 

4. Incorporate interactive aspects 

Incorporating interactive aspects into your corporate event should add value to your event and keep your audience engaged. For example you could include:

    • Keynote speakers and presentations – This will help set the tone of the event and introduce key industry speakers that can spark conversations and innovation. 
  • Panel discussions – This can bring together a group of professionals that bring different perspectives and experiences that can provide knowledge and inspire your audience. 
  • Breakout sessions – This gives the audience the opportunity to discuss and reflect on topics discussed during the event. This can take the form of workshops and training seminars. 
  • Interactive activities – You can implement things like live polls and group activities to encourage collaboration and engagement. 

5. Provide entertainment 

Adding entertainment into your corporate event will help you host a more engaging event. You can include things like:

  • Live music.
  • A magician.
  • A comedy Act.
  • A photo booth.

Implementing live entertainment can break the ice between guests, spark conversations and boost engagement. Your entertainment can align with your objectives and build a positive brand reputation.

6. Personalise the experience 

You can personalise your guests’ experiences by tailoring things like their agendas, activities and interactions based on their preferences and interests. This can increase the likelihood of attendees getting involved in activities throughout the event. 

Personalising the event can improve guest experiences, making them more likely to attend future gatherings and get involved with your company.

At Millennium Point we can help you host an exceptional corporate event that heightens your brand reputation and guarantees guest engagement. Explore our range of event spaces today.

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