Bader Media Entertainment CIC – The Shimian World Premiere

Published 26/10/2022
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Bader Media Entertainment CIC is a production company with a combined passion for filmmaking and protecting the environment. Profits made from projects fun own community interest activities and external charities that focus on combatting litter worldwide. Based in the UK, they produce high-quality creative content for entertainment, community interest and to promote their mission to protect the environment.

Aim of the event

The objective for Bader Media Entertainment CIC was to host a film premiere for their latest feature The Shimian’. The clients were keen on making the evening a great experience for their guests and one that would make them feel the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood premiere.

Why Millennium Point for The Shimian World Premiere?

Our clients are local filmmakers to the Birmingham area and had previously visited Millennium Point’s Auditorium for film screenings. They chose Millennium Point to show The Shimian because the Director had been impressed with the size of the screen and the condition of the Auditorium, as well as the space available below on event space Platform.

Another reason was location, Millennium Point is close to Birmingham City Centre and central train stations such as New Street Station, a bonus for guests arriving from other cities.

Challenges and Solutions

The challenge for Bader Media Entertainment CIC was to find a venue that also were event organisers to ensure the event was a success. The events team were on hand to help with the organisation before and after the event.

Our team developed an events plan that would make the evening an exciting experience for our client’s guests. We suggested ideas along the way how the team could help, and what to do with the space to make it atmospheric and professional.

Particularly, our in-house AV team, which comes standard with most bookings, worked closely with theirs to ensure the best visual and audio experience for the premiere.

AV Equipment and Service

As it was a film premiere it was vital that the screen and sound for the film was perfect. Our AV team worked closely with the client to test visuals and sound to ensure it met expectations and needs. This was through screening tests and run throughs so changes could be made to really give the film the wow factor on the Auditorium screen.

Bader Media Entertainment CIC have received feedback since the premiere on how good the sound and visuals were.

Working with the Millennium Point Team

Our events team had received positive reviews from working with Bader Media Entertainment CIC. The Event Operations team were professional, pleasant & friendly on the night so guests could enjoy their evening. Behind the scenes, the Events team ensured the planning, organisation and communication was all sorted throughout so the event could really give the wow factor. Along with this Marketing worked with the Director to promote the event and film to give it the limelight the film deserved.

How was the client’s experience of Millennium Point?

James Peakman, Director of Bader Media Entertainment CIC said

‘It was an absolute pleasure working with Millennium Point, and I literally can’t fault the staff or place itself. They were so accommodating and gave us attention to detail that I would struggle to find at another venue. The premiere itself was a huge success for us and has opened doors for further movies. The feedback from the guests about the event has been excellent. I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Millennium Point for being so professional and welcoming, and now we will have to make another movie so we can host another premiere at Millennium Point’.

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