Celebrating 10 years of Scholarship success at Millennium Point

Published 31/01/2024
2 minutes

Each year the Millennium Point Trust funds an undergraduate degree at BCU’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering, and the Built Environment.

To celebrate the Scholarship’s 10th year, we are speaking to some of the previous winners to revisit their winning moments.

2023’s winner Safa is the latest winner who impressed judges on the assessment day

Safa was studying Applied Science at South and City College, she developed an interest in the computing world in secondary school and was further inspired by speeches from women in STEM. Now at BCU we caught up with her to see how her first term went!

‘University life as a Computer Science student has become a transformative experience. Embracing a multitude of coding projects, from creating efficient algorithms to developing practical applications, and provided a hands-on understanding of the diverse aspects of the field’.

Continuing on her Scholarship Safa says ‘Overall, the Scholarship has not only paved the way for academic success but has also enriched my university experience by providing a progressive and collaborative environment. I’m excited to continue this journey, exploring new challenges and developing technologies in the field of Computer Science’.

Asima won in 2021 and is well into her STEM story

Asima was studying Social Science and Humanities before scoring top spot in the Scholarship finalists.

Asima remembers why applying for the Scholarship was so important to her. ‘The reason I applied for the Scholarship was because it was an opportunity that stood out. It’s your entire undergraduate degree that has been paid for. I was thinking how lucky I would have been if that was done for me. And I went for it because I had nothing to lose and an opportunity to gain’.

Continuing she wants to promote and help others get into STEM. ‘When I won the Scholarship, I felt so lucky, happy, and very overwhelmed that I was chosen. As well as having the degree paid for, I was also given a platform from the Millennium Point Trust which would help me reach out and try and help and guide others too as a STEM ambassador’.

Laura’s ‘dream come true’ when she secured her Scholarship in 2019

Laura who went on to study Film Production Technology beat over 100 applicants in the record breaking year. Looking back Laura realised by spending a little time on her application, it started her on the path to winning the Scholarship.

‘Sparing a little of my time to fill in the application in return for what could be a big opportunity was an obvious choice that I knew I couldn’t let pass by. The Scholarship is open to everyone, and that really inspired me to apply because there were no expectations other than having a passion for the course I had already applied for’.

‘I  think the Scholarship is a brilliant scheme that extends beyond the funding – I was supported to build so much confidence during the process and it was great that at that age a very shy person such as myself was given a chance to share my love for my subject and demonstrate it’s importance. I’m sure all the other candidates feel the same way’.



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