Our Commitment to Employee Wellbeing

Read the official statement from Millennium Point CEO Abbie Vlahakis on the organisations commitment to employee mental health and wellbeing.
A message from Millennium Point’s CEO Abbie Vlahakis on Employee Wellbeing

Commitment to the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees comes directly from the top. CEO Abbie Vlahakis is passionate about ensuring each and every employee of Millennium Point feels supported and safe when at work.

This is her message to all current and prospective employees.

Arguably, the brain is the most powerful organ in the human body and so our mental health is as equally important as our physical health.  Also, we are not robots and long gone are the days where we have to take on a new persona when we enter the workplace.  I want you to bring the ‘real you‘ to the office every day, I recognise each and every one of you as a human being – a mum, dad, sister, brother, husband, wife, partner, etc, not just as an employee.  All of those roles you play in your personal life add value to your work at Millennium Point and make us as an organisation, all the more richer.  However, I also recognise that all the roles we play in our lives can also bring stresses and so we must create a positive and healthy working environment where each one of us feels happy and supported at work and not judged.

We are all unique and have many differing work and life experiences. Each one of us will also have different health and well-being needs (including mental health)  that will be met in a variety of different ways. Some days will be positive and things go well for us but each one of us can also have days or periods in our life which are not so good. I want each team member here to feel able to gain support when they need it most and also for Millennium Point to recognise that we need to provide a series of formal and informal measures that will support all of our team’s needs in both good times and challenging times. This includes listening to what our team members are telling us that they need and empowering all team members to be honest about their needs in order to maintain and promote a culture of Health and Wellbeing. It also includes Millennium Point investing in a health and wellbeing life-cycle approach to create a safe and healthy working environment. I want you all to feel supported and happy.

To assist this, we have a Thrive team – Vanessa, Lily, Linda, Peter and Liam who will continue to ensure that your thoughts and wishes are listened to and acted upon. This will include mental health and well-being initiatives and the promotion of employee support mechanisms. They will listen to your feedback to ensure we are providing the support you need and want. I am also committing to ensuring line managers have the key skills, knowledge and ability to support employees to improve their mental health and wellbeing. We already provide a range of training opportunities and will continue to do so ensuring line mangers training in managing employees mental  health and well-being is seen as a priority.

I am pleased that Millennium Point has recently been awarded the Foundation level of the Thrive programme (run by the West Midlands Combined Authority) and I am keen for us to continue our health and well-being journey and am pleased to advise you that we are also committed to achieving Bronze level of the award programme in the near future.

Don’t ever feel alone.

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