We are Millennium Point Events – Introducing our new team members

Published 16/06/2022
3 minutes

We are excited to announce the Millennium Point Events team have grown! We caught up with the new members Sukhy & Marie-Claire to see how they’re settling in at Millennium Point so far.

With over 40 years combined event experience the Events team are always happy to help you plan your next event. Get in touch, we can’t wait to talk to you!

Marie-Claire is no stranger to conferences having worked in two different venues and has over 16 years’ experience of event and hospitality.

Meanwhile, Sukhy has over 20 years’ experience working in weddings and events, including charity dinners and large-scale events.

                                                                             Marie-Claire & Sukhy

Now you have been at Millennium Point a couple of weeks, have either of you got a favourite event space yet?

Marie-Claire – ‘The Auditorium and Platform! There is nowhere else in the Midlands that is comparable to the Auditorium. The Auditorium is so impactful and offers such a range of technical provisions for clients. Platform looks like it belongs on a spaceship, and I like the different aspects of the space and that is manages to blend itself perfectly to all event types. I have never seen a space transform so much from an exhibition to an awards ceremony so effectively.’

Sukhy – ‘Definitely, I would agree Auditorium is an impressive space and there’s nowhere else like it! For me, I would say Connect. It’s flexibility provides a degree of versatility as a meeting and events space that I find really appealing.’

Vik, the Event Sales Manager, adds ‘I couldn’t agree more with both! The giant screen creates the wow factor, and it offers clients a great alternative to a traditional cabaret layout. Similarly, Connects versatility makes it a client favourite for a breadth of smaller events. from board and team meetings right through to workshops, training and away days.’

Millennium Point has a range of versatile event spaces, suitable for any event. Take a look at our available spaces on our website.

What’s your favourite part of events?

Sukhy – ‘A great new team and love working with new people. Millennium Point is just unique, so I love how being a part of an impressive building with all these amazing spaces to sell.’

Marie-Claire – ‘I love working with new people and the fact that every day and every event is different. Events can be though-provoking and challenging but never boring.’

What’s your dream event you wish you could plan?

Marie-Claire – ‘yet to plan a large-scale exhibition and although this wouldn’t be a ‘dream’ event for me to plan it would certainly be something new and exciting for me.

Sukhy – ‘I can’t think of a dream event as such but worked on a couple of events that included Royalty. They were for charity evets where Princess Anne was attending and a separate event with Prince Phillip. I’m very proud to have been a part of that.’

Want to book with Millennium Point?

You can get in touch with Marie-Claire, Sukhy and the rest of our events team weekdays online or on the phone at 0121 202 2200.

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