Meet the Scholarship Finalists: Asima Adnan

Published 13/05/2021
3 minutes Read

The Millennium Point Scholarship is an annual competition in partnership with Birmingham City University which awards a fully funded undergraduate degree at the faculty of Computing, Engineering, and the Built Environment. Now in its seventh year, we look at some of the finalists in this year’s competition. 

Asima, 37, is currently studying Social Science and Humanities at Dudley College, with the aim to read for a degree in Planning at Birmingham City University (BCU).

“I want to go into this area because I worked for 12 years in planning, and I was inspired by the planning officers and senior planners,” she explains. The amount of work they do and what they bring to the community – from putting it on paper to going out into the community and seeing it all come to life, and the people you meet, the local businesses and neighbours you talk to, it’s amazing. I’m inspired.”

She adds: “Winning the scholarship would mean a helping hand towards my career, and my future.

“If, however, I was not to win, it was an experience, an opportunity to go out there and express myself and be noticed and be known, so whether I win or not, it’s still a great opportunity to be here.

“After I finish my degree, I want to start looking for work and once I look for work, I don’t want to stop there – I want to carry on; do my post graduate, do my master’s and go as high as I can. Planning has many opportunities; during my time in planning I’ve noticed there are many opportunities and there’s a long way to go – this is just the start. I’m a fighter, I carry on, so it will be hard but I’m not going to stop.”

“People should apply for the 2022 scholarship because it’s an opportunity; it’s very rare that you get a helping hand like this. If somebody is offering to help you and the opportunity is there, why not?”

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