Discovery Exhibition

25th February 2023 26th February 2023

Discover a world of multitudinous Art and Technology at the last known sighting of the 21Pirates ship. The greatest treasure lost at the sea of creativity.

About this event

The 21pirates is a creative art group from the UK. They have exhibited every year since 2014, showcasing a plethora of talented multimedia artists.

This year’s exhibition theme is ‘Discovery’. The public will discover the 21Pirates ship and artworks inspired by

  • Film
  • Video games
  • Comic books
  • Music
  • Technology


They will also discover new and forgotten ways to interact with artworks incorporating QR codes and augmented reality.

Getting to Millennium Point

Millennium Point is in the Eastside of Birmingham City Centre just 5-minutes walk from Moor Street and 15-minutes from Grand Central and the tram. There is also limited parking on-site which means we’re easy to find regardless of how you travel. For more information please click here.