STEM Spotlight – Women in STEM

Published 20/07/2023
3 minutes

It’s already widely known that females are massively underrepresented in STEM education. Currently, females make up 28% of the science, engineering, technology and maths workforce. At Millennium Point Trust, we are trying to change the percentage with the help of Scholarships, Grants and projects such as SciMED.

As a charity supporting STEM education in the West Midlands, we also aim to support other organisations and shine a spotlight on their work to further promote the importance of STEM.

Below, provided by Twinkl, we see 4 inspiring women in STEM talk about their careers including Millennium Point CEO Abbie Vlahakis. The videos, perfect for younger audiences, educators and staff working in schools can help students learn about different career options in STEM.

Abbie Vlahakis, CEO Millennium Point

Dr Jenny Arthur, Glaciologist – Glaciologist, Dr Jenny Arthur

Dr Jenny Arthur shares her tips on scientist skills and the life of a glaciologist, studying the ice shelves of Antarctica.

Science is a wonderful way to learn about the world. But what skills do you need? Where do you get these skills and knowledge to be a scientist. Well Dr Jenny Arthur shares some very cool ways she uses her scientist skills in Glaciology.

Dr Felicity McDowall, Archaeologist – Archaeologist, Dr Felicity McDowall

Dr Felicity McDowall shares her story of being an archaeologist and how she uses dates and evidence to understand the past. She’s even studies people from The Stone Age.

Archaeology is Dr Felicity McDowall’s specialist subject. And she uses a lot of scientific skills as an archaeologist and anthropologist.

Clare Brown, Biologist – Biologist, Clare Brown

Start exploring science with curator, Clare Brown as she shares her story of studying biology with schools and working to preserve thousands of plants and animals at the Leeds Discovery Centre.

Imagine exploring science and seeing thousands of different animal bones and fossils? For biologist, Clare Brown, that’s her job. Everyday!

Get involved with Millennium Point

Our multi-award-winning charitable trust invests more than £3m each year towards furthering STEM education within the West Midlands.

Over the years we have provided funding to Scholarships, Grants, and projects that benefit the region. Find out more about our Trust and see how you can get involved here.

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