Why Hire a Meeting Room in Birmingham?

Published 22/05/2023
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Whether you’re a small, medium or large sized company, meeting rooms can be key to driving successful business decisions. When people think of meeting rooms they tend to think about them being within their own office, however this doesn’t need to be the case. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many businesses, by causing them to move toward hybrid working and downsizing their offices. Due to this, meeting room hires have become more popular as they’re convenient and more affordable than paying for an office with space you don’t regularly need. 

With Birmingham having great transport links and a fantastic business community, it’s one of the best places to hire a meeting room for your next business discussion. Due to this, our blog explores why you should hire a meeting room in Birmingham.

Benefits of hiring a meeting room

Hiring a meeting room has many benefits, such as:

It creates a professional image

Using a dedicated meeting room instead of coworking spaces or coffee shops creates more of a professional look to your meeting. It also provides a private meeting space and encourages people to speak openly and honestly as conversations can’t be overheard by others. 

Giving a professional feel to your meetings can also instil confidence in your clients, partners and staff, helping your meetings be more successful. 

They can provide state-of-the-art facilities

Many meeting rooms available to hire come with state-of-the-art facilities meaning you don’t have to spend your time and money investing in technology for meetings. 

Equipment usually provided includes:

  • High speed internet
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Speakers
  • Presenting screens

These facilities can help presenting and video calls run smoothly and efficiently throughout the entire discussion.

They provide flexibility and scalability

A great thing about hiring a meeting room is that you can look for one that suits your specific needs, offering you flexibility and scalability within your meeting. When looking for a meeting room you can consider:

  • The size of the room you need
  • Whether bookings are flexible 
  • Whether they come with any of the facilities you need like presentation equipment

They can be cost effective

When you don’t need to use meeting rooms often it can be cost effective to hire them instead. Hiring meeting rooms removes the need to spend money setting up and maintaining a space. It also means that when you pay for a room you can expect them to be of a high quality that are sure to meet the needs and requirements of your meeting. 

It helps stimulate productivity and focus

Research suggests that a change of working environment can promote productivity and focus. This can help you get the most out of your meeting and progress efficiently. 

Other factors that promote focus and productivity include:

  • Good lighting
  • A quieter environment (this really depends on individual preference)
  • Accessibility
  • Providing regular breaks

Why host a meeting in Birmingham

There are many benefits to hosting a meeting in Birmingham, such as

Its central location

Birmingham’s central location makes it easy for people to attend meetings due to it having various types of transport links. These include:

  • New Street Station
  • Moor Street Station
  • Snow Hill Station
  • Birmingham International Airport
  • Links to the motorway

It has a diverse business community

Birmingham is a huge business hub for all kinds of companies giving you the opportunity to meet new clientele or potential employees all around the city. Working around an abundance of businesses can also inspire new ideas and opportunities inside and outside of your meeting.

It has fantastic entertainment opportunities

The city is known for having an amazing range of museums, exhibitions and food places to indulge in, giving you the perfect opportunity to interact with your clients or colleagues on a more personal level outside of your meeting. 

What makes a good conference room? 

When searching for a conference room there are a few things you should look out for, such as:

    • Sufficient space and layout – It’s important to look for a meeting room with enough space so that you and your guests are comfortable and can work to the best of your ability
  • Audio-visual equipment – This is really important as it makes it significantly easier to present, especially if you’re holding a hybrid meeting where some people are joining online. 
  • High-speed internet connectivity – This makes it easy to for your meetings to run smoothly and efficiently and allows video conferencing to run with as little pixelation as possible
  • Extra equipment – When looking for a meeting room it may be worth seeing if they have any extra equipment like whiteboards for impromptu writing, drawing and note taking
  • Aircon – This is a nice extra, especially you’re holding your meeting in the summer
  • Refreshments – Does the venue offer refreshments and catering or will you need to bring your own?

Why should you hire a meeting room at Millennium Point?

Here at Millennium Point we’re located in Birmingham City centre, making it easy for all meeting attendees to get here. 

We also have a range of meeting rooms available for hire such as:


Express has one main room and 3 smaller boardrooms, which can be used as offices, speaker green rooms or quiet rooms, perfect for meetings or presentations.

Express also benefits from:

  • Having a capacity of up to100 people
  • High-speed WI-FI
  • Catering facilities
  • The ability to fully tailor the room layout

To learn more about Express, visit our website.

Curzon Rooms

The Curzon Rooms offer easy access and screen presentation facilities that are perfect for your next meeting.

Other benefits include:

  • Can hold up to 60 delegates
  • High-speed WI-FI
  • Tea and coffee facilities
  • The ability to full tailor the room layout

To learn more about the Curzon Rooms, visit our website.

Curzon Suite

The Curzon Suite is a part of the Curzon Rooms, but has a few extra benefits, such as:

  • Screen presentation facilities
  • Large windows to surround you in natural daylight
  • It’s joined to the Auditorium 
  • Has access to Millennium Point’s exclusive terrace

To learn more about our Curzon Suite, visit our website.


The Auditorium previously was the first IMAX in the West Midlands and is equipped with everything you need to engage an audience. 

The Auditorium offers:

  • A 30m2 stage beneath a giant 14m x 8m screen
  • Comfortable tiered seating with clear viewing lines for up to 354 delegates
  • Reliable AV technology which includes a M32R digital mixing desk with 40 input channels, high fidelity audio and intelligent LED lighting system
  • Equipped with Panasonic PTC-280 cameras which are controlled remotely for high quality live streaming

To learn more about the Auditorium, visit our website. 

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