Event spotlight: Hosting an Outdoor Party

Published 10/06/2020
3 minutes Read

In the current climate, outdoor events are becoming an increasingly attractive idea for event organisers. The fresh air and natural daylight will keep your audience happy and engaged. Most importantly, it’s a simple twist which makes it easy to implement social distancing measures to protect your delegates without compromising the scope of your event.

Millennium Point has two outdoor spaces for you to consider. This week we look at outdoor parties.

Why host an Outdoor Party?

Hosting an outdoor party is a popular idea particularly in the summer months where the promise of warm weather and sunshine is greater. The sunshine and fresh air are thought to increase serotonin levels which improve mood, meaning party guests will be happier and more engaged.

However, there is a greater benefit which you should consider. Most outdoor spaces, like at Millennium Point, are spacious. This means more opportunitiesty to implement social distancing measures to protect your staff and attendees without compromising the vision and capacity of your event.

While venues should have their own best practices for implementing social distancing measures, such as Millennium Point’s Client Protection Plan, the outdoor environment will help to reduce risk and potentially entice more guests to attend who may be anxious about large numbers in enclosed spaces.

Of course, there are some considerations which we will address later.

Hosting your Outdoor Party

Millennium Point is in the Eastside of Birmingham City centre. Our landmark public building is easy to spot and even easier to get to by foot, car or public transport. We have an on-site multi-storey car park and are five minutes from Moor Street and fifteen minutes from New Street Station.

Both of our outdoor spaces at Millennium Point benefit from natural sunlight. Ingress offers a closed, semi-private outdoor space. It’s adjacent to our level 1 space, Platform, which has a fully licenced bar and restroom facilities.


Promenade is our open public space which backs onto Eastside city park providing ample room ideal for staging a larger, more public outdoor party. Our promenade benefits from naturally high footfall which means more opportunity to generate a captive audience. This space has access to power and is close to our ground floor Atrium and level 1 space, Platform.


What about social distancing concerns?

As mentioned above, Millennium Point has released our Client Protection Plan (CPP) which outlines in detail how we are adapting and implementing measures to protect you, your booking, your delegates and our staff during this unprecedented time. Measures include queue management barriers, signage and floor markings and contact-free catering. For full details please visit this webpage here or get in touch with our team on 0121 202 2200.

What about bad weather?

While we can anticipate the weather, it’s never guaranteed. Millennium Point offers outdoor furniture which includes seating from chairs to beanbags, umbrellas for shade and outdoor gazebos. We can also offer pop-up bars and catering in addition to our in-door fully licenced bar. These elements can be adapted to suit your brand and theme of your event, and if we can’t meet your needs in-house, we will work with you using our network to find the best suppliers who can.

If the weather is too bad then we will work hard to offer solutions such as bringing it indoors to our Platform or 354-seat Auditorium with giant screen, again, ensuring that all precautions have been taken to make sure the event is safe and compliant with social distancing regulations.

While we can’t guarantee the weather, we can guarantee a high-level service, professional and flexible event management and a range of catering and high-tech audio-visual support.

For more information on outdoor parties please visit our dedicated page here. If you are interested in hosting an event, then please get in touch with our friendly events team for a no-strings quote.

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Millennium Point is a landmark public building and multi-award-winning events venue in the Eastside of Birmingham City centre. Profits from our commercial activity are invested by the Millennium Point Charitable Trust into projects, events and initiatives which support the growth of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and education in the West Midlands. 

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