Millennium Point used as filming location for Remote Witness

Published 03/11/2023
3 minutes

Remote Witness follows Steve, a socially outcast withdrawn hacker. He spends his evenings eating takeout food while at his computer spying on people. One night, his morals are tested when the woman he is snooping on is in danger.

Directed by Richard Broomfield, we caught up with him, he told us more about the day filming in Express at Millennium Point.

What was the inspiration behind the story?

‘I have always been interested in stories which explore moral dilemmas, I wanted to create a film which showed how different characters would react in these situations. Whilst also looking at the dangers of toxic masculinity, something which is becoming much more of a  prevalent issue.’

Sounds intense! Any favourite moments while filming?

‘A real highlight for me was a particular scene that was incredibly challenging scene to film. The actors did an amazing job working with such a difficult subject. We also had a fantastic cast and crew, each brought great humour and positive energy to the set’.

A fantastic team can make all the difference, but were there any challenges?

‘Remote witness was a completely self-funded project finding money to make the film was a big challenge. As with most independent projects, it can be difficult to create something without the resources of a studio or production company’.

Why did you choose Millennium Point to film in?

‘We were struggling to find an office location which would be affordable and willing to accommodate a small indie production. We contacted Film Birmingham who gave us the details for the events team at Millennium Point. The team were really helpful and accommodating when we came to view the space, we had a tight budget and they helped us keep to that. The Express room was large enough to fit in all the equipment/ crew and props needed; we managed to get some great shots’.

What advice would you give to young budding directors or film makers?

’Immerse yourself in as much content as you can, TV, film, books, and games they’re all important in understanding how stories and characters work. Get out and network as much as possible, there are lots of events and festivals where you can meet, discuss and collaborate with other creatives. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people for advice or help most filmmakers are happy to help’.

Where can people watch Remote Witness?

‘Remote Witness will be entered into the 2024-2025 film festival circuit; we are hoping to have a small premiere for the film this winter/ I am incredibly excited to see people’s reaction to the film!’.

You can keep up with Richard Broomfield’s work on his Instagram for latest updates here.

Another one of his Films ‘Conversion’ will be screening here on 20th November as part of Birmingham Film Festival.

Need a filming location? Millennium Point can help with that

We may be known as home to Birmingham Film Festival and a great destination to have a film showing. But did you know our building can also be used as the backdrop to your next film?

From zombie hoards to fighting crime, we have had a fair few cinematic moments happen in our building. Get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss options for your filming needs.

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