Each year the Millennium Point Trust funds an undergraduate degree at BCU’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering, and the Built Environment.

To celebrate the Scholarship’s 10th year, we are speaking to some of the previous winners to revisit their winning moments.

2023’s winner Safa is the latest winner who impressed judges on the assessment day

Safa was studying Applied Science at South and City College, she developed an interest in the computing world in secondary school and was further inspired by speeches from women in STEM. Now at BCU we caught up with her to see how her first term went!

‘University life as a Computer Science student has become a transformative experience. Embracing a multitude of coding projects, from creating efficient algorithms to developing practical applications, and provided a hands-on understanding of the diverse aspects of the field’.

Continuing on her Scholarship Safa says ‘Overall, the Scholarship has not only paved the way for academic success but has also enriched my university experience by providing a progressive and collaborative environment. I’m excited to continue this journey, exploring new challenges and developing technologies in the field of Computer Science’.

Asima won in 2021 and is well into her STEM story

Asima was studying Social Science and Humanities before scoring top spot in the Scholarship finalists.

Asima remembers why applying for the Scholarship was so important to her. ‘The reason I applied for the Scholarship was because it was an opportunity that stood out. It’s your entire undergraduate degree that has been paid for. I was thinking how lucky I would have been if that was done for me. And I went for it because I had nothing to lose and an opportunity to gain’.

Continuing she wants to promote and help others get into STEM. ‘When I won the Scholarship, I felt so lucky, happy, and very overwhelmed that I was chosen. As well as having the degree paid for, I was also given a platform from the Millennium Point Trust which would help me reach out and try and help and guide others too as a STEM ambassador’.

Laura’s ‘dream come true’ when she secured her Scholarship in 2019

Laura who went on to study Film Production Technology beat over 100 applicants in the record breaking year. Looking back Laura realised by spending a little time on her application, it started her on the path to winning the Scholarship.

‘Sparing a little of my time to fill in the application in return for what could be a big opportunity was an obvious choice that I knew I couldn’t let pass by. The Scholarship is open to everyone, and that really inspired me to apply because there were no expectations other than having a passion for the course I had already applied for’.

‘I  think the Scholarship is a brilliant scheme that extends beyond the funding – I was supported to build so much confidence during the process and it was great that at that age a very shy person such as myself was given a chance to share my love for my subject and demonstrate it’s importance. I’m sure all the other candidates feel the same way’.



Dudley College of Technology has revealed its brand new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) hub, that will enhance education and accessibility within the community. The project, funded by Millennium Point has transformed an existing space which the college had outgrown into a dynamic space fostering innovation and creativity in students.

Nestled beneath Dudley Castle, the renovation of the current Design & Technology room, formerly an elephant house, is a result of collaboration between dedicated staff and students, and the financial aid provided by Millennium Point Charitable Trust. Approximately £17,500 of the total grant has funded the purchase of a wide array of cutting-edge equipment, including a 3D scanner compatible with 3D printers, height-adjustable workbenches, a laser cutter, and an F24 Greenpower kit-car. This array of tools is designed to cater to learners of all abilities and empower an inclusive educational environment.

Part of the Millennium Point funding will also enhance the STEM library, making it a valuable resource for local Dudley Academies Trust (DAT) schools and the broader community. This vision extends to Brierley Hill’s Inspired Art and Design Centre, which is under consideration as a dual site for the STEAM Hub, offering specialised support for students with SEN.

The iZone, Dudley College’s upcoming purpose-built engineering block, is another integral part of this project. Boasting a laser cutter and an existing printer, the iZone epitomises the high-tech aspirations of the STEAM hub initiative.

Adrian Eynon, Product Design lecturer at Dudley College of Technology, said: “Product Design is very much a traditional craft-based subject, but we’re wanting to modernise and move into a technological future with laser cutters and 3D printing, which will prepare students for the world they’ll experience in the industry. The investment will massively increase the quality and standard of the students’ work, and that quality will translate to their confidence.”

Abbie Vlahakis, CEO of Millennium Point, added: “I am immensely proud of our collaboration with Dudley College of Technology and establishing the Universal Access STEAM Hub. This project underlines our mission to promote STEAM education, and we hope it will serve as a cornerstone for educational excellence, and inspiration for the local community.”

Set to welcome its first students in early 2024, the Universal Access STEAM Hub marks a significant milestone in the college’s history.  This transformative educational environment is set to inspire not only the current crop of learners, but also future generations.

Trinity High School & Sixth Form Centre in Redditch has marked the grand opening of its brand new STEM room, a cutting-edge facility that is revolutionising the way students engage with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects. The project, funded by Millennium Point’s STEM grants programme, has transformed a once-neglected space into a vibrant hub for innovation, creativity, and hands-on learning.

The STEM room, located at the heart of the school’s Creative and Technical Faculty, is the result of a collaborative effort between dedicated staff members, enthusiastic students, and the invaluable financial assistance provided by the Millennium Point Charitable Trust. The project saw the conversion of a previously unused and unloved space, into a state-of-the-art facility designed to inspire and empower future engineers, designers, and scientists.

The new space serves as a classroom, computer suite, and rapid prototyping room equipped with a laser cutter and 3D printers. Students have access to industry-standard software like Fusion 360, allowing them to design, create, and witness their ideas come to life. The room accommodates up to 25 students and is currently being used for GCSE Engineering classes, computer science lessons, and after-school STEM club activities. The room has also welcomed visits from middle school students as part of their transition programmes and supports art classes and 3D jewellery design.

Nigel Ford, Headteacher of Trinity High School & Sixth Form Centre, said: “We are immensely grateful to Millennium Point for its invaluable contribution, which has not only enhanced the educational experience but also revitalised a neglected space to breathe life into our STEM subjects. By introducing real-world technology to our students, they can now develop their design ideas and witness them materialise before their eyes. It’s truly astonishing to see their enthusiasm and pride in their accomplishments.”

Abbie Vlahakis, CEO of Millennium Point, said: “We are delighted to have played a role in transforming Trinity High School & Sixth Form Centre’s STEM room into a vibrant and innovative space for learning. This initiative perfectly aligns with our mission to promote STEM education and empower the next generation of innovators. Trinity High School’s dedication to this project has been commendable, and we are delighted to have played a part in making this vision a reality.”

A special plaque unveiling ceremony took place on December 5th, 2023, to formally open the new STEM space. The ceremony was attended by school staff, students and representatives from Millennium Point.

Read more about Millennium Point Trust Grants here.

Encouraging STEM education as a part of early learning is an important stepping stone in helping children build a career path in STEM. STEM subjects help contribute toward innovation, creativity and improved quality of life. That’s why we here at Millennium Point are working hard to create opportunities that encourage the younger generation to get into the industry. Our STEM grant and scholarship help students and not-for-profit organisations bring projects to life and study university courses that truly boost their experiences within STEM. 

What is STEM? 

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and is a combined approach where all subjects are taught together and not separately. This helps equip students with the right skills to undertake a career within the industry. 

Creating equal opportunities in STEM

Despite STEM subjects being prominent in a range of industries, a lot of them are unfortunately lacking a female presence. For example, only 25% of computing jobs and 15% of technology jobs are occupied by women. 

To truly achieve successful benefits for society a diverse workforce should be created within the STEM industry. Currently, only 28% of the workforce is formed of women. Some factors causing the gender gap in STEM include:

How can the gender gap be closed in the STEM industry?

It’s important that the gender gap is closed within STEM industries, especially within business, culture, government and legislation. Welcoming all genders and cultures within the industry will bring diverse experiences and help further innovation and creativity. 

The following steps can help close the gender gap in STEM:

Prioritising attracting and retaining women 

By attracting and retaining more women, the gender gap will start to narrow. To do this, more needs to be done to shout about how great STEM subjects, jobs and sectors are. Through improving marketing and advertising and getting more people talking about the industry, STEM benefits from a well-skilled, diverse workforce. 

Break down stereotypes

Unfortunately, there are still lots of stereotypes surrounding women’s intellect and STEM being a male industry. As a result, a greater effort needs to be made to break down stereotypes suggesting that STEM subjects are better suited to boys. When this is achieved, girls should feel more confident to study and undertake careers in the industry.

Improve workplace cultures

In order to encourage more women to join the workforce, businesses must improve their workplace culture. By removing gender pay gaps, hostile work environments and creating better career progression for women, the gender gap will start to close.

The benefits of STEM

STEM education has a range of benefits including:

Millennium Point’s STEM Grant 

The Millennium Point Charitable Trust provides funding annually to not-for-profit organisations, schools, and colleges across the West Midlands Combined Authority area. Applicants can apply for up to £20,000 to fund their STEM-related project subject to meeting the eligibility criteria and demonstrating a measurable impact in STEM education and / or STEM career choice. We also welcome applications for smaller grants from £1,000.

Find out more about our Grants here. 

Millennium Point’s STEM Scholarship

We’ve partnered with Birmingham City University to give a fully funded undergraduate degree at their Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment. 

To be eligible for our STEM scholarship you will need to meet the following criteria:

Applications open Monday 8th January and can be found here. 

Applications for our charitable Trust STEM Grants programme are now open!

Our grants are available from £1,000 to £20,000 to individual applicants to support science, technology, engineering & maths (STEM) education in Birmingham and the wider region. Applications close at 5pm on Friday 8th December 2023, meaning you have got just under a month to apply. You can apply here.

We want everyone to have the best chance of success. That’s why we have put some useful tips below.

A good plan is half the work done

To get started, complete the form that can be easily downloaded from our website. Have a read through all the sections and start to complete them in as much detail as you can as this will help us when our team begin to shortlist applications.

Clearly plan what the aims of the project and how those aims will be achieved. Don’t forget to include details on how the success of the project will be measured. This is where using ‘SMART’ objectives will be useful.

Make sure your application is detailed with what activities will take place, when, and where they will be carries out will also help chances of being successful. Have a look through your budget plan and ensure it contained the correct pricing and quantities for everything you need to achieve your project.

When talking about your project look at the link between the project and the selected category choice. Make sure the connection is clear to show why you’re doing the project and how it will benefit your chosen group. Also plan about the duration of the project, will it be throughout the year, or could the project be done in a day? Can the project be repeated with the resources bought, or is it a one-off project?

For extra help the guidance and FAQ pages will help you with your application, you can always contact our friendly Trust team too STEMgrants@millenniumpoint.org.uk.

Submitting your application or grants

Have a read through your final application, ensure that it’s clear, precise and explains all about the exciting project you have planned.

After you have decided you’re happy with your application, submit it to us by email – STEMgrants@millenniumpoint.org.uk. Make sure you send it in before the 5pm on 8th December 2023.

What happens next?

Once it’s sent over, out fantastic Trust team will send you an email acknowledging receipt, you won’t hear from us again until a decision has been made. All applications will be read through by the Grants team and then moderated by a separate panel. It will finally be presented to our Trustees who will make the final decision on the successful applicants. At this stage you don’t have to do anything but wait for the good news!

Our grants help make STEM happen!

Over the past five years, the Millennium Point Charitable Trust has awarded over £2 million to charities, not-for-profits, community groups and schools to further STEM education. Millennium Point Charitable Trust has previously seen the rewarding outcome of past projects such as designing the perfect community at Lyng Primary School and Sandwell College going 3D.

Last year Millennium Point Trust saw 100 applications from not-for-profit organisations in aim of receiving a share of the grant money.


At Millennium Point, giving back to the community is massively important to us, which is why we have our Millennium Point Charitable Trust where we invest funding to help further STEM education in the West Midlands. 

This blog will explore how we’ve helped people and schools around the West Midlands gain better STEM opportunities. 

Millennium Point’s charitable mission

Our mission is to advance education for public benefit. We have a special emphasis on, but not limited to, the industrial and technological processes that have not only shaped the modern world but will also play a pivotal role in shaping the future.

Flagship initiatives 

We have three exciting flagship initiatives built for improving educational opportunities. These include:

Grant funding 

This provides funding for not-for-profit organisations, schools and colleges across the West Midlands Combined Authority area. Applicants can apply for up to £20,000 to fund a STEM-related project, as long as it meets eligibility requirements. Their idea will also need to showcase the measurable impact it will have on STEM education and/or a STEM career choice. 

We have awarded over £2,100,706 to charities, not-for-profit (NFPO’s) organisations, community groups and schools over the last 5 years. 

To learn more about how our grant funding works, take a look at our page.  

The scholarship programme

We’ve partnered with Birmingham City University to provide a fully funded undergraduate degree at their Faculty of Computing, Engineering and The Built Environment.

Applications are currently closed for 2023, but you can keep an eye out for next year’s applications opening here.

The STEM Roundtable 

The STEM Roundtable brings together leaders from STEM industries, primary and secondary schools, further education, higher education and NFPO’s in STEM sectors. 

The Roundtable aims to:

Key objectives 

We have a few key objectives we’re aiming to meet, as we support others in their STEM journey. These goals include:

Case studies 

Over the years we’ve supported many schools and organisations in the West Midlands, as well as those looking to pursue a career in STEM. So here are a few examples of people and organisations we’ve helped.

St Edmund’s Campion RC School

We’ve worked with St Edmund’s Campion RC School to create a STEM club that provides chances for children to explore topics that aren’t in the curriculum and work on large-scale projects.

This has been introduced, due to the school having a high level of disadvantaged students and many of them feeling as though an academic future and/or STEM career is out of their reach.

The school received the grant as it was important that their afterschool program delivered excellent quality lessons and gave children the opportunity to learn about STEM subjects just like other children do. 

You can learn more about how we helped the school on our website.

Aston Villa Foundation – STEM Stars

The Aston Villa Foundation’s mission is to work together to enrich lives, which is why they deliver Aston Villa Football Club’s community and social responsibility work. 

STEM Stars developed a new STEM programme for six schools within a three-mile radius of Villa Park. The grant funding will purchase a Sphero robot package (this includes robots and a small pitch) which will use football to get children engaged in coding. 

Due to the area around Villa Park being highly deprived in terms of income and education, it was important that the grant went to something helping to give children better opportunities within the STEM industry, in this case focusing on coding. 

You can learn more about STEM Stars here.

Safa Bibi secures scholarship glory  

Last year our winner, Safa Bibi, used the scholarship to undertake a degree in computer science at Birmingham City University. 

Safa is the ninth winner of the scholarship, meaning we’ve already funded eight fantastic winners in their STEM career.  

If you’re interested in learning more about how the scholarship works and how you can apply, take a look at our scholarship page. 

We’ve been giving back to the community for the past 20 years and would love for you to get involved. If you’re interested, get in touch with us today!

Safa Bibi from Small Heath has won a fully funded degree at Birmingham City University (BCU) after being named the winner of this year’s life-changing Millennium Point Charitable Trust Scholarship.

Safa was studying Applied Science at South and City College, Birmingham and will now study for a degree in Computer Science at BCU from September. She developed an interest in the computing world in secondary school and was further inspired by speeches from women in STEM. Thanks to the support from Millennium Point, Safa has the opportunity to study a subject she is deeply passionate about. She hopes to be an inspiration to others to follow their passion regardless of their religion or race.

Promoting STEM education in the West Midlands

Each year, the Millennium Point Charitable Trust funds tuition fees for an undergraduate degree in partnership with Birmingham City University at their Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment. The faculty covers over 20 different courses across computing, digital technology, engineering, and the built environment.

This makes Safa the ninth winner of the renowned scholarship following a rigorous assessment process. The Millennium Point Trust Scholarship has already funded eight inspiring young people from the region through their degrees, including last year’s winner Hatem Kesseir from Yardley who is also studying Computer Science at BCU.

To choose the winners, the judging panel consisted of Abbie Vlahakis (CEO of Millennium Point), Hanifa Shah (Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean of Birmingham City University), Asima Adnan (previous winner of the scholarship), and Mike Ridler (ElevationX).

Finalists didn’t leave empty handed, with Abigail Guest, Henrikas Varanauskas, Ryjhorn Weekes, and winner Safa Bibi receiving a laptop to further help them in their studies.

‘Safa embodies everything we want to achieve at Millennium Point’

Safa said, “Winning the scholarship has made me feel seen and heard by more than just my community of family and friends, so I feel like I can do more and achieve more. I hope that me winning the scholarship empowers other women and ethnic minorities to start applying for scholarships and these roles in STEM.”

Abbie Vlahakis, CEO of Millennium Point and head judge, added, “Safa embodies everything we want to achieve at Millennium Point. We want more young people to be inspired to go into STEM, and we could see from Safa that she immediately wanted to change the world. She wanted to change people’s views and get more young people to follow in her footsteps. To see her so overwhelmed with happiness made us elated.

STEM is incredibly important, not only to our region but to the UK economy. We are currently in a digital age where STEM skills are required across every sector, and so we are keen to get more young people into these roles so they can go on and have truly rewarding careers.”

The scholarship competition is one of the flagship initiatives of the Millennium Point Charitable Trust. Last year, £4.3m in commercial profits from the landmark Millennium Point public building and multi-award-winning venue in the Eastside of Birmingham city centre was invested into projects, events, and initiatives which support the growth of STEM education and industry in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands.

Apply for the 2024 Scholarship

Each year, the Millennium Point Charitable Trust jointly funds an undergraduate degree in partnership with Birmingham City University at their Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment, which covers over 20 different courses across computing, digital technology, engineering and the built environment. We’re helping people across the region unlock their future in STEM.

Millennium Point’s 2024 Scholarship application is now open. For more information on how to apply or get involved in the Scholarship program please visit www.millenniumpoint.org.uk/scholarship.

Millennium Point wins Most Versatile Venue (Up to 1,000 theatre style) at the Conference & Events 2023 awards. This is the first national award to be won by Millennium Point and we’re absolutely ecstatic of what we have achieved.

On Friday 30th June the awards were held in the stunning Old Billingsgate building in London. The day consisted of an array of venues and events being recognised for their excellence in the industry.

Nominated alongside outstanding venues

Organisations nominated for most versatile venue (up to 1,000 theatre style) were –

It was an honour to be nominated amongst other amazing venues around the UK.

From hosting COVID vaccination centres to international sports teams, major art installations to charity events, we are proud of what’s been achieved

Over the past couple of years we have reinvested into our building to expand our venue spaces that align with our client demands. Driven by our passionate and highly skilled team we continue with out of the box ideas that make events truly stand out.

The versatility of our venue and flexibility of our team and services means that a client can host a breakfast talk in the morning, a conference in the afternoon and a formal dinner in the evening all in one place.

In the last 12 months alone, we have hosted the likes of Gaia by Luke Jerram, Kenya House during the Commonwealth Games, IFS Connect and VSFighting to name a few.

We have also launched our own MP Presents events to utilise our 354-seater Auditorium screen when not in use by our clients and to show off the capabilities of one of the biggest screens in Birmingham.

Rebecca Delmore, Commercial Director said ‘We are thrilled to have won the Most Versatile Venue Award. This award reflects all of the hard work the team have put into adapting our building to serve a wider variety of events. We strive to provide the best experience for our clients and it is fantastic to be recognised for this.’

Comments from the judges at the Conference & Events Awards 2023 included statements such as ‘Impressive, versatile space’ & ‘Exceptional flexibility and strong client feedback makes this entry very strong’.

Keep up to date with Millennium Point

With the rest of 2023 to go, we’re excited to see what happens next! Keep up to date with the latest through our blogs and what’s on.

Scholarship funds are a great way to help support students throughout their university journey by offering financial help. 

If you’re interested in creating your own scholarship fund, then look no further as we delve into how to create a scholarship in these 4 simple steps.

What is a scholarship fund? 

Scholarship funds are a charitable grant that helps students cover the costs of their education. Those who receive scholarships tend to use them to cover the costs of textbooks and tuition fees. 

Step 1: How are you going to fund your scholarship?

One of the first steps you’ll need to take when creating a scholarship fund is deciding how much money you want to contribute and whether you will solely fund it or if you want to accept donations. 

If you create a scholarship fund on your own, it’s likely that you’ll incur extra costs on top of paying the scholarship money to the winner. 

Other costs could include:

If you decide to go down the route of accepting funding from donors then using an online platform is an easy way to get people to donate. Having an online platform will help create an authoritative and trustworthy figure for your fund, allowing donors to find out information and make donations in the same place.

Money can also be raised through fundraising activities like:

Step 2: Decide who you want to help

When creating a scholarship fund, it’s important to identify the audience you are trying to help. You may want to help as many people as possible, but you need to be realistic about who you can help most and how far the money in your fund can go.

When creating your audience you need to ensure it’s broad enough to not be discriminatory and to attract as many people as possible to the scholarship you’re offering. 

Your audience could include:

Step 3: How do you plan to advertise your scholarship?

It’s extremely important to advertise your scholarship as it will allow it to reach as many people as possible, while helping you gain applications from people that meet your criteria. 

Creating a website to showcase your scholarship, as well as allowing people to donate to your fund or apply to the scholarship is a great way to advertise it. You could also use social media to advertise the run up to applications opening or closing dates. This is a great way to advertise, as you’re more likely to reach your intended audience, as younger people, typically students, are using social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram to look for things.

Step 4: Decide how you will review applications

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, it’s time to wait for the deadline to pass and start reviewing applications. 

If you gained a small amount of applications, you may be able to go through them all yourself, however if you received a large sum of applications you may need to hire people to help you sift through them.

How can Millennium Point help those looking for a scholarship?

Here at Millennium Point, our Charitable Trust has created a STEM scholarship for those looking to study courses in Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment.

To be eligible for the scholarship you will need to:

Keep up to date on our Scholarship page to see when applications open!


We may be known as home to Birmingham Film Festival and a great destination to have a film showing. But did you know our wonderful building has also been used as a backdrop for several films and tv shows?

From zombie hoards to crime fighting, we take a look back at our favourite moments.

Can you escape the aliens?

Invasion Planet Earth is about how a man loses his faith after his daughter dies, and on the day he finds out his wife is pregnant again, aliens invade the Earth.

Would be good to keep it upbeat so it doesn’t trigger anyone. Would it be appropriate to instead say:
Invasion Planet Earth follows a man who finds out his wife is pregnant and aliens are invading Earth…on the same day!

Directed by Simon Cox, various locations around Birmingham were used to complete the film, with over 900 Brummies even used for extras. Millennium Point’s Atrium was the perfect place for a chase scene down the open Atrium staircase.

Watch below for a behind the scene in Millennium Point

Can good win against evil?

As Strange as Angels is the story of when a talented artist’s destiny to change the world is destroyed, people from the future come back to restore his true path. But their mission isn’t be simple.

Directed by Matt Cannon, the film is also known as Revolution X. Viewers may spot a few scenes in the film that look familiar. Millennium Point’s glass elevators were used, although you really can’t miss them as they’re marked with a giant red X.

Watch the trailer below

The original home of Line of Duty

Steve Arnott, Ted Hastings, and Kate Fleming all called Millennium Point home in the first series of BBC crime drama Line of Duty.

Jed Mercurio’s gripping series centred on the efforts of a police anti-corruption unit to tackle corrupted coppers and transformed our meeting complex into interrogation rooms as the case of DCI Tony Gates unfolded.

Millennium Point was used for internal shots of the police headquarters – most notably in episode three of the first series – where you can see our iconic Atrium, glass elevators and space-age looking escalators.

The first series was famously filmed in Birmingham with several other landmarks and familiar sites, including the Grade II listed pub in the Jewellery Quarter, The Queens Arms, and Broad Street, is also spotted in several scenes.

The show has gone on to be recognised as one of BBC’s most successful projects and we are proud to have played our part in its opening series.

Once you’ve filmed with Millennium Point, why not host your premiere with us?

Accommodating up to 354 delegates, the Auditorium at Millennium Point is the perfect location for conferences, lectures, product launches, AGM’s, award ceremonies and film screenings. Featuring a 30m2 stage and a giant screen, this space is perfect for making a big impression. The space has multiple branding opportunities such as changing light settings to match your brand colours to truly make it tailored to you.

The Auditorium has upgraded AV equipment which involves a M32R digital mixing desk with 40 input channels, high fidelity audio, intelligent LED lighting system and Panasonic PTC-280 cameras controlled remotely for high quality live streaming. The Auditorium also includes the new Panasonic PT-RQ25 projector which will show your content on the screen in 4K. When booking Auditorium, you will also receive support from Millennium Point’s on-site AV technician to support throughout your event.

Still not convinced? Why not look at the premiere Bader Media Entertainment CIC held last year for their world premiere of horror film The Shimian.

Choose Millennium Point to shoot your cinematic masterpiece

With multiple spaces, both private and public, Millennium Point has a range of rooms that can be customised into any set-up.

Get in touch with our friendly events team to see how we can help today!