7 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained During Lockdown

Published 22/04/2020
3 minutes Read

We’ve asked our mums and dads in the Millennium Point team to share some easy ways to keep the kids entertained while in lockdown, and hopefully help reserve a bit more time for parents to wind down during all this chaos.

Now that the Easter holidays are over, the kids would usually be back at school. While teachers will have set school work, we appreciate it can be hard to keep them engaged. Let’s get started!


There are various websites offering online and printable worksheets for children of all ages, many are free of charge and can help make the most of time spent out of school. It could be helpful to allocate a certain area of your home as the ‘classroom’ to visit at the same time every day, perhaps after breakfast, and help establish a routine when doing these worksheets. 

Here are some great ones we found-

Physical Activity:

If your children are especially energetic, worksheets might be the last thing you’ll want to try. At-home workout videos from YouTube could be a fun way to help get all their energy out without even needing to go outside. A simple game of “Duck Duck Goose” or “Simon Says” are great alternatives for younger children.


Arts & Crafts:

You can look up some easy DIY projects with the materials you have laying around at home, print out some colouring pages that align with your children’s interests or if you’re daring enough, bring out the acrylic paint. Collaging or making some quarantine couture jewellery with leftover yarn and beads are a great option too.


Games Nights

Games nights are great because you can tailor them to the age and interests of your children, be it puzzles and quizzes or themed treasure hunts. You could allocate the same night every week as games night to create some really nice memories and maybe even a post-lockdown tradition.


The internet is overflowing with child-friendly recipes, so it might be fun having a look to see what dishes your children might enjoy making and then working with them to create a little recipe book. Smoothies are a great example of simple and easy recipes to follow, or you could just buy ready-made fairy cakes and get creative with the decorating!

Here are some great recipe websites:


This one might not be for everyone, but it’s a great way to make the most of this lovely weather and it can be a lot easier than you think. Growing super easy plants like cress is perfect for younger children and Marigold flowers are a good option for slightly older children. Why not also start your own line of produce with some tomatoes or cucumbers?

Movies & Podcasts:

If all else fails or you just need a little more time to yourself, sticking on a movie (or entire franchise) never hurts. Preparing snacks or building a fort with bedsheets and sofa cushions might add a bit of excitement back into this activity if you’ve watched lots of movies together already. Podcasts and audiobooks are a great option too, and a nice addition in the background of a different activity.

Here are some great child-friendly podcasts:

We hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful as we understand how difficult it can be to stay resilient during such unprecedented times. You may be so busy looking after your family, that there’s little time left to take care of yourself. Remember that you are not alone and if you are struggling in any way, please be sure to keep in regular contact with friends and family online or over the phone.

Should you need any advice or guidance, you can find a support group near you by visiting https://covidmutualaid.org/local-groups/. You can also join the CovidAidUK Group on Facebook and for further support, visit www.mentalhealth.org.uk/coronavirusoutbreak or www.supportline.org.uk/coronavirus.

Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.

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