Training Rooms to Hire in Birmingham

Published 04/01/2024
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Providing training for staff is critical to a business’ success and can help improve employee retention. In some industries training and qualifications are mandatory and therefore helping your staff achieve them can help boost your company’s reputation and staff retention. 

Furthermore, as a result of the pandemic many businesses have adopted a hybrid working model, making training rooms more popular as they can hold larger numbers of people, are affordable to rent for a day or so and aren’t needed very regularly. The pandemic increased the popularity of training rooms as many businesses downsized their offices due to more people working remotely even after the lockdowns ended.

When planning a training event, the venue is crucial for success. With Birmingham’s thriving business community, great transport links and rich history, it’s a great place to hold your next training event. As a result, this blog will explore why you should hire a training room in Birmingham. 

The benefits of hiring a training room

  • They’re flexible – Training rooms can be easily adjusted to suit your needs, depending on the size and equipment that’s readily available
  • They help create a great impression of your company – Training rooms can help create a positive impression of your business and the effort you put into improving your staffs learning and development
  • They’re fairly affordable – They can be fairly affordable depending on size, location and equipment needed
  • They can be convenient – Training venues can be as convenient as you choose, depending on their location and the closest transport links

For advice on choosing the right training room, read our blog.

Why choose a training room in Birmingham?

Birmingham showcases many benefits for hiring a training room, including:

It’s excellent transport links

Birmingham’s central location makes it a convenient location for everyone in the UK to get to, especially due to it having major railway routes, Birmingham Airport being close by and it having great access to motorway links. These transport links make it easy for everyone to attend the event, as they have multiple travel options. 

It has an amazing cultural and social hub

Birmingham is known for having lots of great restaurants and activities throughout the city. With Birmingham boasting an array of museums and galleries, excellent dining options and great nightlife, it provides a great place to undertake team bonding activities after the training has been provided. This gives you the opportunity to boost your team’s skills while socialising and getting to know each other better.

It has a range of affordable accommodation

Another great thing about Birmingham is its great range of accommodation. This is perfect for those travelling far for the training event or if you’re holding a training event that lasts for more than a day. 

You can also benefit from staying at more affordable hotels or opting for more expensive slightly more luxury hotels depending on what you or your staff prefer. 

Training venues tend to have modern facilities 

Many training venues in Birmingham have modern facilities helping your event run smoothly. For example many venues are equipped with audio-visual technology, high speed WI-FI and climate control systems. 

On top of this, many venues offer catering options, perfect for longer training events. 

It has a fantastic business community

Birmingham is the home of many businesses both big and small, making it a great place to hold a training event, as it may provide opportunities for networking and discovering new clientele.

Why choose Millennium Point for your next training event? 

Millennium Point is perfect for your next training event as we have a range of rooms that are great for both big and small events. With us being located in Birmingham City centre we are close to Moor Street, New Street and Snow Hill station, as well as being close to Birmingham International airport and bus routes.

We also have a range of training rooms that could be perfect for your next event, including:

Curzon Rooms

Our Curzon Rooms are great for training and can hold up to 60 people. They also benefit from:

  • High Speed WI-FI
  • On-site AV technician to support you throughout your event
  • Tea and coffee facilities 
  • Fully tailored layouts that suit your needs 

To discover more about our Curzon Rooms, visit our website.

Curzon Suite

The Curzon Suite is a part of the Curzon Rooms, but has a few extra benefits, such as:

  • Screen presentation facilities
  • Large windows surround you in natural daylight
  • It’s joined to the Auditorium 
  • Has access to Millennium Point’s exclusive terrace

To learn more about our Curzon Suite, visit our website.

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